Feedback on AMIDEAST

I recently received a job offer as an English Language Teacher in Casablanca with AMIDEAST. Is there anyone in this group who has worked for this organization and can shed some light on what it's like to work for them? (i.e. type of resources, work environment, what the Ss are like, reputation, etc.) Any info will be greatly appreciated!

hiya :)

how are you hope you are well my name is sal just to get back to your questions well amideast is a very established language center i don't know realy about the pay but they are well know and good plus its located in the city center which means easy for you to find rental and you will be having a large amount of places to choose from which will help you define depending on your budget :) i hope i answer a bit if there is anything extra you need plz do let me know :) or inbox me

best of luck

thanks for your info sal! so far i've only found positive comments online regarding amideast morocco, which is great as the reputation for their tunisia location isn't as stellar. looking forward to working in casablanca!

your welcome, glad to hear that you having collectiong only good feedbacks for your search :)
wish you the best in your endaveours and if you need anyhting plz feel free to ask :)
take care