Expats join in to find jobs in morocco

Dear all,

I have moved to Morocco with my family since March,the first 2 month were nice and good as we were exploring the country and the possibilities and getting settled. Being an experienced marketeer and a head of Management in advertising companies.I began roaming the advertising market to learn and understand the Moroccan way of understanding the concept of advertising i met a lot of companies and sat with them and consumers as well I interviewed people about if some adverts hit them with understanding of the concept.

I found out that i need to learn more about the mentality and consumer and buying behavior,So it was better for me and less risk to join a company and learn the twists and turns as the language barrier was also an issue ever Moroccan Arabic is different than mine and their slogans did not mean any thing to me. I searched and looked for 3 month ended up with nothing, i tried a different approach to international companies ..... nothing even if i found, the salary was hilarious 6000 dirhams with i was paid in Dubai around 95,000 Moroccan dirhams

I know that there are a lot of expats out there are sharing the same problem as i presume if we network and seek support from other English speaking expats who hold influential positions to chip in and help out

so let set this blog for introducing your self and what you do and what are you looking for .... Good luck

Hi Hourico,
I'm new here "the country & the blog as well ;O)"
Im running an advertising agency in Cairo, Egypt, me & my wife "she's Moroccan" decided to do an extension here in casablanca; just arrived last week & still in that discovering phase.
Guess it'll be nice if we can share our info, even we can have a meeting to discuss if theres an opportunity here or not.. I'm still here in casa till NOV. 15.
Good luck ;o)

Dear Tarek ,

Welcome to Morocco, I am delighted to find someone of the same interests in advertising and Marketing and speaks English, We can meet but now I am out of the country in Lebanon for Eid, kindly send me you email address so we can communicate on closer range and exchange numbers as i arrive to back to Morocco.

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Well unfortunately English is still not an option when it comes to doing job and business in morocco. It is a wonderful country and doin quite good in economic growth but depending totally on french for business purpose. The Govt. must take serious steps to make english learning compulsory in every school.

Lack of english stops talented people and big business firms coming to morocco ..similarly talented ppl from here cant go to other developed nations coz of lack of english skills....In the time of Globalisation, morocco shuld think very seriously in this matter

Good luck Mr. Hourico but if you are really looking for a decent job, you must learn french or i will suggest better to start your own firm or business

Dear Shahrkh
I totally agree with you that the government should take more steps in introducing the english language to school to prepare a new generation of multilingual business potential, I have met many Moroccans In the UAE who were seeking jobs as they were graduates and ended up in waiting in coffee shops cause of the language barrier their degrees in french language meant nothing other there. I am starting a business of my own as it is the only way in this beautiful country.

Their Hourico, I'm an American-Moroccan who lives in US for many years. I created a small corporation in US specializing in marketing online like designing a professional websites & creating email marketing for small 7 medium businesses. I decided to turn to Morocco for few months to stay close to my old parents. Any help you may need me for in building your company or helping you with online marketing I would appreciate because I think I have to work in Casablanca & running my Us company from distance in the same time. I know friench, Arabic & Italian also. Let me know or send me your phone number. I will be landing in Casablanca Airport February 8th InsaAllah. My email is: [email protected]. Thank you

I think it is good for Morocco that people come here looking for work. It shows they have an open mind and are willing to take on challenges in life.

I have to point out that there are many Moroccans who speak wonderful English. It is offered in schools here and more and more Moroccans are striving to learn it. I have a thriving business here in Morocco in the travel and tourism industry. I avoid hiring people who don't speak English well. Half of my staff are Expts and the rest are Moroccans. All are equal in my book.

It is true that an Expat job seeker may have a hard time finding work that pays at the same level as he/she found in the 1st or 2nd world, but this is the 3rd world and those standards do not apply. If that is what you need, I suggest you either go to those places to work or figure out how to build a business to earn it yourself right here.

If anyone is interested in really finding work here in Morocco then they should check out the Jobs message board here in ExpatBlog. I see there are a few postings there.

Hi Morocco-Unlimited, I'm looking for a temporary job during my staying period in Morocco from February to May, until I turn back to USA InsaAllah. Please let me know if I can work with you some how, knowing that before I moved to US, I was working in hotel management in Rome & in Florence fro many years. that why I speak Italian also. My email is [email protected], Thank you.

I am Irish, married to a Moroccan woman with one beautiful daughter. Hamdullah . I would love to live and work in Morocco, preferably Agadir. I am a teacher with a Primary Degree in English and New Media, a Masters in English Language Teaching and a PhD in Education and Computer Games. I plan to set up an English School  teaching the Language to University entrants, business people and professionals. As a stepping stone I would be seeking employment from established English Language  schools. Has anyone  got advice, tips, thoughts, suggestions.....
Dr John Maher

Dear John
I am the quality manager at British Centre in Casablanca.
we are always looking for energetic native speakers to join our team and so i would be very interested in discussing a collaboration with you.
Please inbox me and perhaps we can meet or chat via skype.

Hi William
I am hoping to get something down Agadir way. Casa is supposed to be expensive. I have taught English to students seeking University entrance. I am strong in academic, technical, and creative writing also.
My Skype is john.maher500

Is there a British Centre in Agadir?

We have a couple of centres in El Jadida.
It is cheaper and nicer than Casablanca.
But close enough to still be interesting.

William,Can you paint a picture of what kind of Teaching I might be doing. Remember I have quite a range so don't confine yourself.
I favour a Communicativ Teaching style.

dear Hourico
i've read your words and wish to make contact with you, recently i am in cairo and will return to casablanca at the 1st. of Apr. inchaallah

i worked in a advertising company called : creative Advertising Thinking for almost a year, i was the  creation manager assist.

and left the company after i've got married to a morocan citizen.

but the rest of my experience years were related to the field of Administration & personnel tasks.

if you see that i've got some of the things you need i will pleased to hear from you.

best of luck or all of us

Mohamed Zaki issa

Hi Willliam,

Still looking for new heads? please let me know at your earliest convenience



i am looking for opportunity in rabat or casablanca (other major city) i speak english with little arabic. any opportunities are welcome. my email is   [email protected]
i will be coming to morocco in second week of august, just after eid-ul-fitr, in shaa Allah.

Welcome back,

i was also oustide the country,some lose ends in cairo needed to be solved.
now i'm here in Casablanca and this is my phone number: 0658202078 , call me when ever you free free and then we will do some brainstorming and having our coffee.

all regards
Mohamed issa

dear Sir,

i'm an egyptian citizen, seeking for a job here in Casablanca, if you are intrested i would be pleased to hear from your end a call on : 0658202078 for more details about me & my work experiences.

all regards

Mohamed issa

Hi, I been here for a year and a half and I am starting to find it frustrating living in this country honestly , they want you to work for nothing and they have no initiative,they don't care about their surrounding,disappointed......

Hello William,

My name is Sara, currently living in the USA, almost done with my Bachelor's Degree in BA. I would like to know more about the company your work for if you don't mind, and if Moroccan-American citizens can get in. I speak English fluently, I also speak French, and very familiar with the Moroccan culture, because I am originally from Morocco.

Thank you so much,


Aw Charlie, I'm so sorry to hear. I see that you live in Kenitra, I was born there, not a really a fully developed city as of yet. The mentality is very hard to deal with. Please keep your cool and try to understand the culture. When you are in Rome do like the Romans do! Best of luck!


Hi myauh,

Can you be more specific and please keep it in English on the Anglo phone forum so as the other members can understand your post :)

Expat-blog Team

Hi Fellow Expats

I recently moved to Casa from the UK to join my husband and I'm now desperately trying to find a suitable role.

I speak English, a little French, a little Spanish and I'm a Darija beginner!

My previous roles have been as a PA/EA for the NHS as well as HR and Office Manager/Project roles for private and public sector companies.

I suppose I really need to know where do I start looking? What contacts should I be looking to make? Am I being realistic looking for a similar role in Casa with little French? Should I consider looking further afield; in terms of geography?

Any experienced job hunters/recruiters opinions would be warmly received!


Hello Dr John Maher
I live in Agadir and I studied at 2 different language centers in the city. There are many others in Agadir, most centers offer many languages including English. There is an American language school (called centre Américain in French) it's located in cité suisse in Agadir. "Speac" is another language school that offer many languages it's located in cité suisse as well. There are many others in  "dakhla" .
You can also search for a job as English teacher in a private university there too like "universiapolis" or others.

Setting such a school would be great I don't think there is one in Agadir for professionals but still I suggest to start a English school for wide range of clients since there are many centers already and people don't know which one to choose. The  two schools I told you about earlier are the most popular centers.

Good luck

There are many job opportunities in Casablanca probably more than any other city in Morocco,  I don't know what degree you have but you can search for a job that requires English language maybe as a teacher. Learning French will help you a lot if not for a work at least to be able to communicate and also most of job offers are written in french. I suggest you register at websites for job announcements for that matter.  Even as Moroccan and with a high degree it's difficult to find a job and don't expect a salary like you're used to in your country. Also some companies want to recruit people for a small salary you have to negotiate of course but of course keeping in mind that it can never be the same salary you're used to in other countries.  But I think the best job you can find is as an English teacher.

From what I know few years ago there is no British language school in Agadir. But it doesn't mean british isn't taught there maybe there are teachers who teach British in some centers.

Hello fellow expats,i have been here in Mohammedia-Morocco for 3 years now trying to get something doing.Please can anyone help me with an english call center job because i am from Nigeria and english is my first language.Thanks

http://emploi.menara.ma/menarajob/site/ … fre=509963
the above add, the call center is in mohammedia, looking for english speaker sales people

http://emploi.menara.ma/menarajob/site/ … fre=502938
night shift in casa

http://www.emploi.ma/offre-emploi-maroc … one-990320
this one is Lycamobile from the UK they opened a call center and looking for customer service agents. they are in casablanca, if you could find the adress, you could walkin and get an interview right there and then, they just opened 2 months ago.
You need to check www.menara.ma click on Version Française then on Menara  jobs then under "emploi" don't fill anything out, click on "rechercher" it's all in french but you will find english jobs.

Yep, that's all great. And how do you propose that these foreigners get through the ANAPEC when there are 1000s of Moroccans speaking good English who have not got a job?

was just answering his query. I am well aware that if he were from senegal, tunisia or algeria he would not have to go through ANAPEC. (on a funny note) from your previous posts, seems that you always have to put in you two cents worth. lol

shak4969 wrote:

was just answering his query. I am well aware that if he were from senegal, tunisia or algeria he would not have to go through ANAPEC. (on a funny note) from your previous posts, seems that you always have to put in you two cents worth. lol

Yep, I always put my "two cents worth" in when I read nonsense.

Thanks very much shak4969 i did just as you asked me to,but is just that all the jobs there are in for the french speakers

(T-Eghian)) wrote:

Thanks very much shak4969 i did just as you asked me to,but is just that all the jobs there are in for the french speakers

As Shak4969 said, you are of the wrong nationality. You would need to prove to the Anapec that no suitably qualified Moroccan could do the job that you are applying for or may have been offered. It is a real problem for foreigners in your position as you will never be able to prove this as your English (I assume you are not a native speaker) won't be substantially better than that of many unemployed Moroccans - and they have priority, quite rightly.

As for the airy suggestions of "oh just go and get a job as an English teacher in a private uni, language school and so on", do people not realise that even obscure language schools require some form of qualification for teaching English, (eg., TEFL etc)? And a private uni certainly would! How on earth anyone could seriously suggest just walking into a private uni and asking for a job is beyond me.

hey guys my name is mohamed and i live in agadir , i am looking for a job this summer , becide i speak english very well and thank you

Hi August wish,

Welcome on board :)

Note that this thread here is dated 2012 :)

You can start a new topic with all your question on the Casablanca Forum for better visibility please :)

Make sure to clearly specify in which sector you are looking for work pls !

Thank you


Hello all
I'm from Ethiopia will be stay in casa for a year or more i speaks English and very lettel freach and looikg for a job if any one out there help me I will love to