Planning to open a new business

Hey Everyone!!!
Am planning to open a new business
Any idea please...

English lge centre is a good idea

Import -export of Moroccan -Mauritian  products  ( Argan oil,  Saffron,  olive oil,  spices. ...vanilla,  and the other famous products from your side )

spa is good business i think

travel and networking I am opening business in Marrakech on the 16th December 2017 I need help setting up for managers

Oh thats great. Best of luck... wish i could help.

What kind of business to see if I can advise?

European products, clothes etc
Good quality is always good to sell in moroccoc

I have no idea at all. Wil think about it again for febuary.. need to sort some things out 1st.

it depends on what you like to do , and the budget that you have ... any ways i wish you good luck ;) feel free to contact me if you need help ...

Thanks Mery... i wil for sure.

Will be more than happy to work with you.please don't hesitate to contact me .


Best regards.

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Hello Dear,

I'm a financial controlor & advisor.

I'm living in morocco since 10 years now.

You would like to stard something easily and slowly? Lets try it.

Important: There is lot of advantages in moroccoo law & tax to take in account better

What kind of business you have in mind

We are a Moroccan LLC and have a few projects on mind.
If you are interested, let me know we can discuss.

Hi I want to setup a borehole drilling business in Morocco can any  one  suggest  about how to go about it registration

Do you got any experience. Or what you would like to do ,some things you love ?

@FarhanCasa hi can i link up with you , please.

@7amosatv do u have any info about it?

@nguemradi hi thank you for the idea. Can you tell me if there is currently any English centre's in tangier?

@FarhanCasa hi FarhanCasa, can we link up to discuss some ideas projects for business there?

do u have a direct number please.

@nguemradi an English centre to train who? please give some ideas...

Moroccan cosmetics producer , if you need any help , you can contact me

@Orientalgroup Hi there, can I know what u sell or u import the items to Morocco?

Call center

Salaam alaikoum everybody.

What the best business in Morocco right now. I don't live in Morocco at the moment, but i would like to start a business Airbnb there. I need to find the right people who can work together.  What you guys think.

@Asmaaval Airbnb is a good idea to make a business,  specially in big city like marrakesh.

Finding to best location  for rent .

Thank you Hichamlegion.🙏