Advice needed (English speakers Job opportunities)!

Guys , I'm a Moroccan Finance Specialist with almost no French!

It is Just English and Arabic! , I want to Move to Morocco any advice from where I can start?!


Hi Mahmoud_ !

Have you tried posting an advert in the Casablanca jobs section?
It might help.


Thanks Armand!

hi mahmoud,
Bro dont get your expectations up, it has been 18 month now and my CV can shake knees. the problem is french... here every company corresponds in french , deal in french , speak french and the job demand offers from the Moroccans them self is more then triple the job vacancies other than they are much qualified and high grads willing to lower their standards for a job.
so.... كيفك انت؟؟؟
فيرون بتسلم عليك و تقول ليك  اعمل شغل خاص بك

The Arabic is also a very important part, so although you don't speak very good french, you will have the advantage of Arabic. I have a problem that I don't speak Arabic, just French and English. All the jobs I have seen require Arabic as a must. I really think that you can handle interviews.


hi, any job that you found that you cannot accept for any reason please refer to one of listed here who speak English and cannot find job and can speak Arabic and we shall do the same it is a nice way to collaborate as we are all in the same mess>>>>> how is that>>>>>>>> PAY IT FORWARD

Hi Hourico,

At my first in Morocco, I was searching jobs in my field, IT management or customer support, but when I was browsing for jobs related to this field and not only this one, Arabic was a must. Also, since I have been here, I noticed that there are a lot of institutions where the employees don't talk French, only Darija or Arabic. Of course that if I find something interesting for anyone here, I will post. Also, I recommend you to take French lessons, there are a lot of good courses here.