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Hello all,

My husband and I are planning to return to Morocco after 8 years of traveling and living in several countries, including the US. I am American and he is Moroccan with US citizenship. He is planing o open a small restaurant when we arrive but we would also like to know about the market for private chefs? He worked as a sous chef in Boston restaurants fro several years and he has cooked professionally in many situations and countries.

Do you know of anyone who uses or is looking for a private chef? Someone who could prepare both traditional Moroccan food and US/European style food for different families - a few days/nights a week or for special occasions?
We would love some feedback on this thought.


My English is not that good but I will try and tell you my opinion instead of answering your question
first of all I am very glad to hear that you and your husband have been living in differant countries which is a very big advantage in terms of experiancing differant kind of foods.
Morocco is a very rich culture , although it is a touristic country , most of the restaurants are only offering moroccan food.
they are also some restaurant like macdonald or piza hut or these kinds of things, but I THINK we need to discover other food , other taste which we will fall in love with.
for example : if you open a restaurant saying that you are offering international recipes .your menu offer for example a pakistani dish, indian dish, mexican , american, and Moroccan of course...and whatever you can afford .
I think it would be amazing and great and you will be succesful.
wish you all the best

I do like the idea of offering many different cuisines under one roof, but, in the end, I think it is unworkable. The restaurant is neither fish nor fowl! However, I do think there are opportunities for "fusion food" in Morocco. It may sound like a sacrilege, but the sort of thing that is popular in London and Helsinki might be a tagine of beef cooked with red wine, some dried fruits with vegetables and added to a bed of perfumed couscous. The perfume might be that which is used to flavour the rice of a Persian or Indian pilav rice dish.

This is just an idea and a professional chef would have hundreds more if this were the direction he wanted to move in.

If you are opening a restaurant, I think it needs to be cosy, exclusive and expensive for such a professional chef. It absolutely would need to be licensed. You really need to network and advertise (TripAdvisor, Blanee, MadeInMedina and so on).

Lastly, I have no avenues at my fingertips for occasional private work. Perhaps you could try some very high-class caterers who specialise in intimate celebration dinners at home or for high-powered business meetings.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!
It is inspiring to hear your interest in having new foods in Morocco. Yes, we have lived and traveled in Turkey, The UAE, India and the USA over the last several years and I think my husband's general direction is a kind of American - Moroccan fusion. An East-West perspective not unlike the one he himself has developed over these years. He is coming home to tell his story through food.

Thanks again for your ideas, we are writing them all down. Can't wait to hear more.
Are you both in Casa?


Hi. I'm in El Jadida where just such a classy restaurant has very successfully opened. 20 covers maximum at any one time, a professional chef from France and a small bar for 10 people where high-quality tapas are served with drinks. There's a door policy (and even a red carpet leading to the door, I kid you not) and the clientèle is exclusively very, very rich Moroccans and (probably) far less rich foreigners.

All i have to say is when you ll ready there are people that will work,Good professional cook,Don't be discourage

Diaspo wrote:

All i have to say is when you ll ready there are people that will work,Good professional cook,Don't be discourage

Could you translate that please? Lol.

I am sending you a PM - I may need your / your husband services while living in morocco.

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