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I am being considered for an engineering position on a semiconductor company in casablanca. could anyone here advise me what would be the lowest salary that can be considered for a 7 years experienced engineer?


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I can't tell you exactly what you should be offered for the job, but I can tell some information that may help you figure that out.

The conversion for Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) to USD ($) is about 8.5 MAD = $ 1
The conversion for Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) to Euro (€) is about 11 MAD = € 1
The conversion for Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) to British Pound (£) is about 13 MAD = € 1

(To make it simple to understand I am going to use a basic round numbers)
So if you were to be offered something like:

10,000 MAD per month this will convert to:

$ 1176.00
€ 909.00
£ 769.00

20,000 MAD per month this will convert to:

$ 2352.00
€ 1818.00
£ 1538.00

I suggest you look on the internet at what the same opportunity would be paid outside of Morocco. Use this table (or look up the actual conversions) to estimate what the net value for this job based on the relevant numbers before accepting.

Please bear in mind that Morocco has a much reduced cost of living compared to other places. Salaries are usually 25-35% below what are paid elsewhere, so if you are offered an amount that fits into this percentage range, it is a good offer. 

Good Luck, jobs in Morocco are hard to come by

Thank you Very Much Nebraska Girl,

Do you know how much would be the average monthly budget per 1 adult in Casablanca?

Thank you

I am in Marrakech, but I am sure the figures are not too different for Casablanca.

This is proximately what I have noticed per month and I am assuming you are not sharing expenses with another person

Rent (on a small apartment in a moderate area)
   2000-2500 MAD
   250-300 MAD
Household/Grocery items
   2000-3000 MAD
   300-400 MAD
Transportation (Taxi/Bus)
   400-500 MAD

Therefore the budget totals at:
   4950-7200 MAD

Of course this is depending on area, taste, and lifestyle choices

Thank you very much for these information. these will help a lot in my decision in considering the salary offer.


Hi Nebraska Girl,

How about the tax? how many percent of the salary goes to tax?