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Thank you for taking the time to read or respond!

My name is Maria. I'm an ESL teacher from the US and I plan to move to Casablanca in January of 2014.

I have been researching every aspect of Morocco since April, but I still find conflicting information about job hunting.

Some say to secure a job before moving. Others say to go look for a job. As a native English speaker, finding opportunities on the ground is said to be easy. I've heard that most teachers find jobs within a month, with or without a BA.

I know it's a matter of opinion, but I would like as many opinions as possible! So, my question is...

As a native speaking ESL teacher, will finding a job on the ground be difficult? Also, will looking in January make this more difficult?

I really appreciate any feedback!

you know you are really lucky. I am also ELS teacher and i grew up in the USA but its hard for me to get a job in many countries where they pay a handsome salary cause i am not WHITE and also  cause i dont carry a native English speaking country's passport.

Thank you for taking the time to reply! We all have our own struggles and things that we are judged by. Struggles are rewarded. I hope for yours to become easier.

hope you are well wishin you all the best of luck in your endaveours.
well to tell you the truth and from my opinion it would be rather better coming over here to hunt for a job specialy if you gonna teach english well good news most of school now they look for english teachers cause of the high demands on the private sector and compagnies
anyways i spoke too much i hope this would help a bit as i will try to send you a PM with some school names and language centers so you can have an idea up first

best of luck and if you need anything excatly do let me know

kind regards

Oh thank you. Yet i have been rewarded with racism and discrimination but i am sure in the next few years i am going to get used to it.

Thank you, Sal! I really appreciate your response. While I would love to secure a job before I leave, I hear that a lot of teachers do this and realize that their jobs were empty promises. As long as I have a shot at finding a job on the ground, I'll feel a little more secure. If you know of any private schools, I would greatly appreciate the names. Thank you again!

Get a job  before coming!

Can you elaborate as to why? Did you have a bad experience?

Well maybe i will tell Wmj later after you come to Kuala Lumpur. I would like to know that what kind of place are you looking for to work. I mean an International school or academy ?

I appreciate that, but I'm moving to Casablanca, Morocco.

oh well sorry .Well,they got CAS there. i believe u should check that out . I have also heard about RABAT American school.check these 2 out. I knew this guy who moved there.

Have I mentioned that I grew up in the USA .Spent about 16 years there.

Oh, ok. I will definitely check that out in Rabat. Thank you!

finding job isn't that easy

Thanks for your feedback, Moroccan1. Can you tell me what problems I may face? I want to be prepared for an obstacles.

Hi Maria,

I'm not very knowledgeable about this topic, but I did meet quite a few Americans teachers in Casablanca. The thing is they were not ESL teachers, they were working at one of the local American schools teaching subjects such as history, chemistry, etc. Not sure that suits you best.

Have you tried languages schools such as the American Language Center or the British Council, both in Casablanca?

Last thing I can think of are French high schools such as Lyautey in Casablanca or Descartes in Rabat. They do require ESL teachers, but I am not sure whether you need to have French citizenship to be eligible. At least you can expect better working conditions (such as salary) compared to Moroccan schools.

That's great advice. Thank you, so much. I'm very open to teaching another subject to get started.

You could find some english teaching jobs! you should get in touch with the american language center,the american academy that are located in casablanca and get some could help! and here's my email address: [email protected]! you could send me yours,i'll keep you in informed.

Thank you! I'm sending you an email right now :D

hello ;will you give private courses also?

Yes, I will definitely be available for private courses. I'll arrive in December.

Hi mmc5725,

I suggest you post your resume in the Teaching jobs in Casablanca section please as it might help :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Thank you, Maximilien! I already have. This post was just for advice. :)