Looking for housekeeper in Casa who cooks well

Hi there:  we just moved to Casa and live near the Italian Consulate.  We need a full time housekeeper who can cook well (for adults - no kids) but would start off with part-time for adjustment.  Someone who speaks Arabic and French would be a great start and if she speaks English, it would be fabulous.

Any recommendations?


Hi LaBalance,

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I would suggest you to post an advert in the Casablanca jobs section. It might help you.

Hello, i would love to apply for that job.i speak arabic and english.and i can cook and when it comes to nutrition i'm well educated. im from south of morocco;and i very much know how to cook many moroccan dishes;and teach others how to cook them.
hope to hear from you soon.
thank you


I  am from Philppines  I   can  speak  English fluently   And I am a  Culinary   graduate  I  have  knowledge  of   International  Cuisines  pls  get   back  to  my  email   at   [email protected]

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