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Hi Barrypell,
Since you are American and live in Morocco, maybe you know of American companies that hire people in logistics. My husband is American and he is based in LA. I am Moroccan, and I have an MA in English, and I teach at the university. We would like to move to Morocco, but we don't know of any job opportunities for Americans like himself. He speaks English and Spanish; he has yet to learn French and Arabic. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. However, I am an English teacher and do not know about any companies that work in logistics. Barry

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HI  and welcome to Morocco , forget about getting a job here i am sick and tiered of looking even if i found it was low pay, so i have made the sane decision to start my own business and forget about a job it is hard even if you are american , english or from the moon no french no job have french low salary

You Have to Search Over internet to find a job !!!
Maybe check with LOCAL Expart in facebook

To be Honest it s Disaster to get a job in morocco :-)

BUT Embrassies and Other companies are looking for HIGH Profiles

I do agree to find a job is quite challenging


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The american chamber of commerce in Morocco has a website amcham...something. they have a PDF page with all the american companies in Morocco. you can start there. then again, like mentioned above, without french it is somehow hard. companies susally look for bilinguils (french, english).

Sorry shak4969 but, I would prefer to say - while taking your “like mentioned above” -  it is a “disaster to get a job in Morocco”!

I am French and, from my side, the language is not the point. I think international companies are not interested in non Moroccan profiles here because they come to Morocco due to the low salaries of Moroccan people (and also because of the national preference policy). If they do, it's with low salaries (compared to the Western ones) even if it's more than for a Moroccan. Of course, I hope there are some exceptions

However, the idea of "shak4969" is good! You could have an idea of companies located in Morocco and could send emails of interest before your departure. Here is the link to the list members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco: … tember.pdf

Best wishes

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Hi hourico, I feel really sorry to see u struggling for finding the job you hopped, but your area is a little bit hard to be successful if you don t really understand the culture and the daily language of Moroccan people, and this could not be done in few months. As you have many years of experience, why didn't you try to convert your carrier and instead of adverting wich is really hard use your experience as a manager, or marketer in tourism for example.

I hope really that you ll find the right way and that you ll  enjoy your morrocan experience.

Hi Salma,

Thank you for your concern and your notice,I already know the culture and the local language and have tried to find another path other than advertising like business consultancy in off shore purchasing as i have experience in the Chinese market sourcing for 14 years and setting up business plans and proposals for new business Ideas and brands and franchise commissioning.

working in tourism could work out if you have any leads would be great

Hi houricio,
Actually i don t , cause the idea comes when i was answering you. Morroco is working to improve tourism so it could be a great idea , if i have i ll tell u with pleasure.

Hi Jamil Casablanca,

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