Student life in Casablanca

Student life in Casablanca
Updated 2022-07-13 14:13

Around the world, student life is often associated with busy academic life, work, but also leisure and celebrations. There is no reason why it should be different in Casablanca, but it is, above all, a matter of experience and the way of doing things. Here is how to go about student life in this beautiful Moroccan city.

The cost of living for international students in Casablanca

Regarding the cost of living, Casablanca remains an expensive city for international students. However, there are a couple of university restaurants with adapted rates. You are also entitled to discounted rates on public transport (including tram and bus). But for the rest, unfortunately, there is no discount for the cinema or gyms. There are some for specific shows or events, but this is not applicable everywhere. Life in Casablanca is therefore expensive. 

The cost of an undergraduate degree in Casablanca can range from around 80,000 Dhs to 150,000 Dhs per year, which may involve some living expenses depending on the institution. Although the food is relatively cheap, many students prefer to cook for themselves. Apart from that, there are two kinds of health services: public and private, and the former type is free but not quite good. As far as transportation, Casablanca has several types of transport available depending on your budget and needs.

Student accommodation in Casablanca

Student accommodation in Casablanca can be provided in universities, but these are sometimes in shady conditions and, very often, insufficient. You should, therefore, not focus on this type of accommodation and consider alternatives, especially if you directly eliminate public university residences. Private residences or appartment rentals are interesting alternatives. However, unless you have a large budget as a student, flat-sharing is a viable and widespread option.

Shared accommodation in Casablanca

Remember that Morocco is a Muslim country and that it is prohibited for men and women to live together without being married. In fact, morality remains significant when it comes to relationships. It is not about judging the behavior of a particular roommate, but this explains why the roommate offers are specific about the gender of the roommate sought. There is no sexism in the approach, but it is much more of a moral obligation.

Budgeting as an international student in Casablanca

Many local students are still living with their parents. The reasons are both simple and multiple. First of all, in the Moroccan tradition, you only leave your parents' home to get married unless you have obtained a job outside the city (not allowing you to stay). Secondly, being a student represents a particular cost to the family budget. Working to support your studies is not a common practice in Morocco. Most often, parents have to support their children financially. Moroccan scholarships exist but are definitely not enough for a living.

What about student rates in Casablanca?

Unlike many European countries, "partnerships" between night schools and student associations are uncommon. The same applies to student rates in bars or nightclubs. Partying is, therefore, still possible but without any benefits. You, therefore, have to keep in mind that as an international student in Casablanca, you're not supposed to spend your time partying.

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