Prenup in Morocco

If an American citizen decides to marry a Moroccan and both ppl want a prenup does that couple need two prenup agreements like  one from USA and one from Morocco or if both are living in Morocco just one translated in both languages... Thanks guys

I think the one created in the USA would only relate to what happens with things in the USA.
If you put something under the Moroccan partner's name only in Morocco, good luck getting a pieces of that back.

Your effort in doing this depends on what you actually have to protect.

If you have nothing in Morocco, then what does it matter?

Also if you do have something in Morocco shared and expect to take the money out Morocco even if you get 1/2 it will be difficulty.

Might be best not to move your money in to Morocco unless kept exclusively under your name, but again getting out of Morocco might be hard.  Morocco gladly lets you bring in the money, but makes it hard to get it back out.

If you happen to be sponsoring someone from Morocco to go back to the USA I don't think any legal agreement between the both of you will protect your from the obligation to support your spouse even if you separate once you bring them over after the visa is approved.

Thank you so much for your reply 😀. We are both planning on living in Morocco...  he is Moroccan and I'm from The United States .. we agree neither of us want to live in the United States..
He does have less than me but he currently created a new startup business and just got all of his permits and contracts from the Moroccan government.
I have my own monies from savings and settlements ..  we both want protection God forbid something happen and we divorce . I have been married bf and I don't ever want to have a four year drawn out divorce again ...  we both agree to live united as one in our marriage but keep our money separate ... I appreciate any information you can share and have a beautiful day 😄

In Morocco there is no such thing as common marriage assets. What is yours before and acquired during marriage will remain yours after divorce. Same case for your partner.

Oh wow 😮Thank you

thank you

Forgive me but it seems your relationship lacks trust.  When you wed someone you do not think of personal wealth.  You have trust joy and joint ambition.  If there is concern about wealth do not marry I say.
I do see problems ahead


I cannot believe it's as simple as you articulate

Article 49 of the Moroccan family code - Moudawana - clearly says:

"Each of the two spouses has an estate separate from the other. However, the two
spouses may, under the framework of the management of assets to be acquired during
the marriage, agree on their investment and distribution.

This agreement is indicated in a written document separate from the marriage contract.
The Adouls (public notaries) inform the two parties of these provisions at the time of the

In the absence of such an agreement, recourse is made to general standards of
evidence, while taking into consideration the work of each spouse, the efforts made as
well as the responsibilities assumed in the development of the family assets."

So get a prenup.

I was about to marry in Morocco but I stopped the process because I would have been signing documents that I didn't understand and I have family assets that my name is attached to back in the US.  I didn't want to continue until I understood the process and what would be at stake in the event of my death of Allah forbid,  a divorce.  So I wanted to consult my family ( in case they wanted to remove me from any family assets first and also I brought all of the documents back with me to have her parts translated into English so that I could understand about her in English as she understands about me and my whole family in Arabic.  Am I making sense?


I think if you live in Morrocco, no need of pre-nub. I could be wrong. Iam in the same situation. Live in US and married in Morrocco. Hesitant to bring her to US. If Keep my stuff in US, is that safe?


It's possible to go to a notary office in Morocco to put everything in a marriage contract to protect each one's savings and belongings in case of a divorce. That's also what rich Moroccan families do.

Additionally, you can also include these details in the contract with the Adoul, where you marry in Morocco (in case you decide to do that).

You can create a marriage contract in the United States and another one in Morocco; that would work.


I think no need to have one in Morrocco. I think there is no Marital and non-Marital Asset.


No, there is. Many wealthy families here in Morocco make additional notary contracts to protect their belongings. It can be very bad for the person with more wealth if they have to share it with someone who just married them for that.


Do you mean in that case the other side may give problems and ask for more ? but as long as under your name, then the court will not divide it. Am I correct?

What about if you live in Morrocco but your assets are in the US for example? Is that still risky to lose?

@SalehUS Everything you have in Morocco can be divided in case of a divorce. But this also depends on how long you were married, who filed for divorce, why a divorce is happening, and also if there are kids. The rights of women are strongly protected to ensure they can live normally after a divorce. You cannot have a villa and a car and leave your wife without anything. The court can decide that you have to pay her financial support, and if you can't do that, split the belongings.

But everything you own abroad can't be touched and decided over by the Moroccan court. That's why I would make two different marriage contracts, one in Morocco and one in the States, to secure everything you have.


I did not know about that. That sounds like the US. I will not have anything in Morrocco.

A lot of people retire and live in other countries but have everything in the US or Europe.


Do you know if it is ok to have all the details of your information, nationality, and work in the Adoul marriage paper? is that normal?

example, in my case shows what kind of job I have and what is my work in detail. is that Normal?

@SalehUS Yes, since it's an official marriage contract at the Adoul's place, it's normal for it to include all your information and even the names of your parents and their occupations sometimes.


Thanks. Just was concerned if they did that purposely or not. Wanted to make sure.

@SalehUS Yes, it's always good to check and ask about procedures.

    Forgive me but it seems your relationship lacks trust.  When you wed someone you do not think of personal wealth.  You have trust joy and joint ambition.  If there is concern about wealth do not marry I say. I do see problems ahead

    -@JIMMY BOND: Not true! Nothing to do with trust. Why should you expose yourself to risk again after you've been burnt?

Don't be a bloody dodo