s-pass appeal duration

Hi to all

i have some questions about the duration of the appeal, currently the reason why my pass application is rejected due to the insufficient number of paying CPF employees. the cause of it is the company have many departments that their paying CPF employees are scattered on those departments, then the HR fixed it by merging all of the paying CPF employees to a single department so that i can be applied based on the quota ratio then sent those info to MOM.

the only thing is how long eventually is the duration of it's appeal? because we have been waiting for the response of the appeal for almost 2 months now.

thank you in advance who can give me some clarifications

Should not take more than 3months but we never known as MOM says they check the application on its merit and case by case. Your employer can check with MOM and hope to see their response or update about appeal. Good luck

Hi surya2k

thank you for the response, well i just need to be more positive due to it takes that long. i wish a good result somehow.

Hi Surya2k

just a follow up question while waiting for the appeal, if ever the appeal failed. is it over already? can the same company apply for a fresh pass application again? just wondering and maybe a clear mind also

thanks in advance

The company cannot apply again for the same job, only if the decide to give you another one.
But if the reason for rejection is you or the company, this will fail again. So you should find out if it was rejected due to the nature of the job, before you put any hope in this.

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