Employment pass reject with " Adverse Record "

Hi , before i holded spass , then my previous company had some difficult about business so they couln't employ me, they cancelled my Spass . I went back my country to visit my family ,then after 1 week i came to sg again but ICA at airport didn't let me entry . Last week new company apply EP for me but MOM rejected with reason " adverse record " . i dont know what happend and have that adverse record . My problem like this so if other company apply Spass for me, the result still same ? or MOM can approve ?  or i cant apply any work pass in sg ? i hope someone give me good idea

Hi Jenny, sorry to hear.

One thing was uncleared that why at check point, they didn't allow you to enter? What was the reason?

Try to know the adverse record about you, and if possible rectify it. Till that time no hope, no matter what type of pass employer applies for you. MoM is very strict and will not entertain anyone in this matter.

Wishing you best of luck.

ICA at airport didn't give me any reason why i cant entry  , i tried to ask them but they didnt tell me any . Now new company cant wait for me as i have problem like this so they look for other candidate , because of this one i missed many chances ... New company told me should call direct MOM and ask why like that . i really shocked a lot because i didnt do anything wrong so why have " adverse record " . If i ask MOM so i am not sure they will tell me real reason or not .

Since MoM does not usually deal with job seekers or answer their questions, your employer should contact them and ask for the cause of this "adverse record".
If the adverse record is due to the attempted entry after S-Pass cancellation, you must contact ICA to rectify this (or at least find out for how long you will be blacklisted).
But there might also be other reasons, e.g. if your previous employer gave incorrect (and bad for you) information when cancelling your S-Pass - in this case you'd have to rectify it with MoM.
But I agree with Surya2k: You basically have no chance for any pass or visa before this adverse record is cleared!

I suspect your problem is because ICA have rejected your entry. They no doubt have to file a reason and my guess is they have logged it as attempt to enter to work illegally.

The immigration officers are ridiculously bigotted and racist. If you are a young female Thai, Vietnamese or Philipinna your chance of getting through without demonstarting full means of support are not good.

Canman53 wrote:

The immigration officers are ridiculously bigotted and racist.

I wouldn't call it racist. If you know from experience that women from certain ethnicities tend to break the rules more often than others, would you step up your spot checks of the others?
But strict (and smart) they are, indeed.

Beppi; clearly you do not understand the term 'racist'

Hi Beppi

If i ask my employer apply again as Spass lower , so can have chance ? because i think somethings wrong from ICA refused entry or my previous spass cancelled , the reason we dont know, myself also dont know why like that . i read many forums and i see many people like me to have " adverse record " with EP or Spass and also ICA refused entry  . But some people apply again then appeal  , then finally MOM still approve .

A few day ago , i also emailed to ICA and ask reason  but ICA didnt tell me any reason , just like this their reply below and asked me fill up the form 14 :

" Dear

We refer to your email on 13 Aug 2016.

We have looked into the matter. As with most countries, a visitor's entry into Singapore is neither a right nor automatic. Should you foresee the need to enter Singapore, you are required to submit a formal entry (i.e. Visit Pass) application prior to your next visit to Singapore for our consideration. The Visit Pass application for your entry must first be approved in order to facilitate your entry into Singapore. The application will be assessed on its own merit.

It should include the details, purpose of the visit as well as the name, address and contact number of your local sponsor in Singapore and declaring any antecedents on the application Form 14. You may also include any other supporting documents deem relevant to substantiate your application in addition to the following documents:

a) application Form 14 & V39I (duly completed and signed);
b) a photocopy of your travel document particulars page (showing full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, its date of issue/expiry and signature); and
            c) a photocopy of your local sponsor's Singapore IC.

The local sponsor can mail the application forms and required documents to the following address:

      Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
            Visitor Services Centre
            ICA Building
            10 Kallang Road #04-00
            Singapore 208718 "

Jennythanhmei: ICA's answer is about how to apply for an SVP (tourist visa). It has nothing to do with your situation and not answering your question why you are blocked from EP. They probably didn't understand what you wanted. Maybe you can try again, asking in clearer words, or ask your employer to contact MoM to find out more.
If you have an "adverse record", it usually prevents you from getting any visa. It must be cleared first. I have not heard any case where a subsequent S-Pass application was successful without other actions to clear the record.
In fact an S-Pass application right after a rejected EP is a red flag for MoM and will also be rejected in most cases.

Canman53 wrote:

Beppi; clearly you do not understand the term 'racist'

I think I do. care to explain what you mean?

Hi Surya & Beppi,

Please, can you suggest how to clear this "adverse record"?
I also have the same kind of situation as S pass rejected with advisory - Adverse Record.
My employer wants to still higher me but they won't bother to contact MOM so what can I do as a candidate?


Shivang2551 wrote:

Hi Surya & Beppi,

Please, can you suggest how to clear this "adverse record"?
I also have the same kind of situation as S pass rejected with advisory - Adverse Record.
My employer wants to still higher me but they won't bother to contact MOM so what can I do as a candidate?


MoM would answer only to your Employer. Also it may deny to provide any details of the Adverse Record as it may lead to people circumventing such things in future by candidates and Employers. If the employer isn't ready to contact MoM then your chances are less. You may want to consider other countries.

Start investing your own research here. If MoM or ICA says that you have adverse record in their database then start revisiting your past and collect the things such as any incorrect declaration, financial irregularities, overstay, ban to enter Singapore, didn't pay bills for months (where banks sends notices to take legal action), police records for wrong doings etc.

If you have no clue on any such things, then last option is reach out MoM by writing a letter with your details to request, advise you on how to rectify the adverse record against you. Good luck

Dear Mr. Surya & Mr. Avinash,
Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, I already tried self investing and found 2 mistakes by my side.

1) Wrong Highest Education Credentials: While applying for the IPA, my employer surely filled wrong information first time and probably also the second time. Based on that my rejection advisory was always related to my educational credentials (eg. your candidates one or more certificates are objectionable).

2) Refuse to entry: I was in Singapore in the period when they applied for my IPA. I tried to revisit (I was back because allowed staying period was getting over, I never overstay) but they didn't allow me and deported me back to India.

After that, I didn't know that ICA entry refusal is also a point of consideration for MOM to provide IPA.

As I already mention that there was an educational problem with me so I went to DATA FLOW (an institute who authenticate educational/career certificate and valid in MOM) for my degree authentication. After again they applied for me using my authenticated degree and other required documents but this time the rejection advisory came as "We have an adverse record with your candidate, try another".

Last night along with my query here I already wrote a mail to ICA related to my case with MOM & ICA and asked for a solution. ICA didn't reply to me satisfactory, against of which I made another query to them about my adverse record. Now waiting for their reply.

Now after all this, what should be exactly reason for that Adverse record (as MOM already denied to declare any information to me) and how I can go to rectify it?

My employer should go for an appeal or general enquiry about me. If they do general enquiry then MOM will reply to them or not (MOM might have considering me as a fraud)?

If they denied declaring any information about me to my employer then will there be any chances for me to get an IPA?


The authorities obviously saw that you are desperate to stay in Singapore and suspected you of not following the rules (which, by exiting at the end of your SVP and entereing again shortly afterwards, you actually did!).
The questionable educational certificate problem is probably solved now, what remains is the attempt to circumvent SVP rules.
For that, you can only contact ICA and ask for the ban to be lifted. No other way.
If they decline, you will not get an EP.

Hi everyone
Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

Following is the reply by ICA on my above mentioned case;

2              We wish to clarify that as with most countries, a visitor's entry into Singapore is neither a right nor automatic. Each application for a visit pass is assessed on its own merits. Visitors must fulfil our entry requirements before they can be considered for entry and those who have been assessed by the immigration officers at the checkpoints to be ineligible for a Visit Pass will be refused entry.

3              If you wish to visit Singapore subsequently, you are required to submit an application for a Visit Pass through a Local Sponsor in Singapore to the Visitor Services Centre, 4th Storey, ICA Building, 10 Kallang Road, Singapore (208718) for our consideration. The relevant application forms (Form 14 and Sponsorship Letter V39I) are attached in this email for reference and use. You are required to state clearly the reason(s) or purpose for entry, the duration of visit and also declare any antecedents on the application forms. You may also include any other supporting documents deemed relevant to substantiate the purpose of visit in addition to the stipulated application forms and the following documents:

                             a)         Photocopies of your passport pages showing the bio-data page and signature of the passport holder; and

                             b)         Local sponsor's Singapore NRIC.

                             Note: Local sponsor could be an individual Singapore Citizen/PR aged 21 years of age and above or a Singapore-registered company.

4          Upon receipt of the application forms and the supporting documents, we will process the application accordingly and will notify the Local Sponsor of the outcome by post subsequently.

Thank you.

Against this, I replied:

Sorry to ask you again but my main question is how my last deport affected my S Pass outcome. I need to clear my IPA for that I need to clear my record with ICA. I don't want to come there in Visit pass again.

How ICA can help me to clear my adverse record?

Based on my query again they replied to me latest by today as follow:

Dear Sir,

                 Please refer to your email dated 21 June 2019.

2              As advised in our email to you dated 21 June 2019, you are advised to submit a Visit Pass application first. If approved, your prospective employer may then apply for a Work Pass with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Thank you.

Please read all the above reply by ICA and please suggest that why ICA want me to apply for VISIT PASS again.
They are forcing me to apply with a local sponsor whereas I don't have any sponsor. Last time I applied for normal VISIT pass, This time also can I go with the normal visit pass?
any other request I should put on ICA?

Please suggest....

If ICA tells you that in order to get a work pass you have to successfully apply for a visit pass first, then you better apply for a visit pass (possibly with your employer as sponsor) before the work pass.
It may look illogical to you, but they are making the rules. It‘s their ball and their court and they are under no obligation to let you play.

Understand the officer's response (mostly ICA's customer care division). Customer care Officer is not the responsible person to judge or decide whether you are eligible to get visit pass based on your mail. As you had earlier record where you were denied to enter Singapore, the officer helping you to make sure you are able to get visit visa. If you got then your work pass appeal will have a chance to get approval.

As Beppi said, here authorities have set a rule, please follow. If you don't want to follow or difficult to follow then better avoid Singapore. Good luck

I was an employee of a mis manage and staborn boss, last 2020 month before Pandemic, I was hired as a Project manager in a company. I was recommended by a Signaporean friend, unfortunately the miss management, lack of help, people resigning and bad habit of the owner suddenly put the company to the test, his ex-business partner left and sue him, one client also sue him, even an application company sue the company itself, etc. all is revolving on Money issue... during pandemic, they force us to accept less than 30% of our salary for 3 months and after that he make it nearly 50% then another month 80%... for me it is ok, but the problem is, when everyone left, he put me in the position as Chief Operation Officer, trying to help the company i force my self to work beyond my experience and my capability. From that position, i have see his cash flow, his mis management of the company fund, opening of other business during pandemic... i have ask him many times to stop this and we used the budget to fund ongoing projects as we struggle to get new one because of the company financial situation, sub con asking me why they haven't pay yet, his friend asking me if the company have financial difficulties...

From that point, i decided to look for other opportunities, as the company is slowly draining my energy and i am not compencating accordingly...

Unfortunately he found out from some one and decided to terminate me, and force me to sign a letter stating that i am working with other company while i am working with his. (no such thing) as it was in a meeting with people and other staff, i feel durest and like beeing bullied in a place where i don't even given a time to question them and defend my self...

I try to go direct to the court (as what we always do here in Philippines)  but they advice me to go to MOM first.

worst my pass was quickly canceled, and i had only 1 month to look for a job, coz of this i try to report him to MOM, and vise verse he did desame, him not showing to the mittigation and using my constrain time. i was force to leave Singapore without fair fight...

until now, any company who try to apply for my pass have difficulty applying. 

i feel like the unfair just and the non concideration on my case was mis handle..

I have tried calling MOM to ask how to remove my record but it seems they do not have time anymore...

My advice to all Foriegn workers in Singapore, do not trust your boss too much...  not all of them but some are pretenders...

i have given my 100% to the company but just 1 thing the boss do not like he quickly judge and proceed with my termination just because i am leaving a sinking ship...

May I ask, who can help the employeers who want to hire me on my adverese record?

@aemirasol1003 The employers don't need help - they simply can only hire people without adverse record.

You would have to remove your adverse record first, before you apply for jobs in Singapore. If you indeed signed a document saying that you (illegally) worked for two jobs, this will be basically impossible.

So you can only contact MoM to ask how many years the ban will last - and apply again after that.

Sorry, this is certainly not the answer you are hoping for. But why the hell did you sign such a stupid (and untrue) statement?!? Illegal work is one of the worst offenses a foreigner can perform in Singapore!