How to get a Job in Kuwait

Did you ever get a job.

The ministry are always looking for English teachers, but it is hell working fot them.

what is sponsorship? plz explain

If you have experience then create good resume with total experience.
And visit recruitment sites daily and contact with good job post.
It would be helpful.

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Systems Architect – Agility
Manager – Freight Sales – Agility
Procurement Officer – Agility
Contracts Administrator – Agility
Executive Secretary – Agility

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Hi I am Chandu I have interested in abroad job I am also trying the job but any company's not respons to me..wt I am doing now sir.pls tell me

hows the oil and gas field there?
i heard that knpc is sanctioned Al-Zour refinery.
with 2.5+ year experience any chance to get job if I have a transferable visa?

Good morning,

I lived and worked in Kuwait for 2 years. Your salary is good and Kuwiatis are very friendly towards American and Westerners. There are a lot of taxis and they are cheap. You will experience some taxis that will over charge you. You never have to leave your apartment because everything is delivered to your from: fast food, food, and laundry. You can hire a maid to clean and cook for you, but if your company has rented the apartment for you. The common areas are cleaned by a maid. Also make sure you lock your valuable up, if you get a maid. Finally, be care of the very beautiful women from other countries. They are wanting to come Western countries. Good luck!

Thank you ace117  for the post

I wasn't aware of most of the requirements.
Thanks for posting.

Good information. Thank you

Good topic, thanks for the info

can u help me find a job in kuwait. i am currently living in Nigeria. tnx

hi all,
it has been two years , even more , since my last post in this topic :)
hope u all get what u are looking for.

i did b,sc nursing i have 3.8 years experience can i get job

why you don't choose Oman ?

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kuwait work on sponsership " kafil system'' means some one should take ur responsibility ince you enter kuwait whther a company or individual you work with.

Hello can anyone help me with a job agency contact in kuwait

you must follow agents in your country follow similar job portals for jobs in kuwait , in kuwait agents are charging very higher price to import you not any organised agentsof manpower as such ,
kuwait anyone can act as an agent if the guy have access on visa procedure please do not fall into trap at times ppl get wrong categories visa which are non transferable please think 10 times confirm before handing over money to thse agents but rest is ur descion .believe more on line job portals than the agenst here.

I will try and do that thank for the advise bro!

Personally, I would not bother with that offer, unless you are desperate.  120KD per month is definitely on the low end of the scale, as far as "Living well".  That will get you space in a small flat with 6 to 10 of your closest "friends", and maybe enough to send some money back home.  If that's good enough for you, then come on down!!!!  Where are you from, anyway?

its always easier if you are physically here and it sounds like a cliche, but kuwait is a small place so the more you tap into your network the better

I am desperately looking for job in undergrad college or university. My preference is gulf countries because of some reasons. I uploaded my CV on all job sites and career pages but no luck yet.  I am looking at Kuwait because it is less expensive than other gulf countries. Kindly help me.

all in the same situation!

Hi, I'm living in Pakistan, I'm a student i just graduated from High School last year. but I'm very much interested to work in Kuwait, I'm a Part time Graphics Designer and I work as a Freelancer. I have checked many sites to find jobs in Kuwait but most of them they only allow Kuwait people to apply, I really need help to find a job for myself in Kuwait in Any Field related to Graphics Design or Computers.  It's a Dream for me to work and live in Kuwait and Then after I can also continue my Further Studies there. If you guys help me I'll will be very Thankful to you.

just one word... networking .
i stayed +10 months unemployed and tried several approaches like physical relocation to different countries (UAE,Kuwait, KSA and egypt ).. any addition to active participation in most job hunting sites and linkedin ,,

NETWORKING is the most effective way of getting a job

Thank you for this Forum :) . I'm new in the site . I'm Tunisian and i'm looking for a job in Kuwait ..

hi its tedious to get a job in Kuwait until you superskilled   and Kuwait requires you , specify which profession are you in I recommend , and other gulf job sites can send resume to be as I handle HR as well my mail xxx

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Have you now gotten a job in Kuwait?

Wow. Nice and detailed information. Kudos

Thanks for all the posts.... it helps a lot for many...

How to invite a relative to kuwait?
what are the papers/forms, links? what is the process

Thank you so much

My soon to be ex-wife has a job offer in Kuwait for 4 years and is planning to take our sons with her.

I need to give my consent and I am trying to decide what is best for the welfare of the children. I will not be travelling with her as I have my contract  in the United Kingdom.

I work normally offshore one month on, one month off. I was wondering if anyone will know how feasible is for me to live in Kuwait for 4-5 months per year caring about the children without working.

Many thanks for your advise in advance.

Did you reached to Kuwait??? It's 2019.

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