How to get a Job in Kuwait

its not easy getting a job in Kuwait on the internet

It never is easy getting a job online anywhere.
Have you tried sending your CV to Kuwaiti companies ??

In my experience, online job searching in Kuwait yields some results only rarely. The key for finding a job here IMHO is CONNECTIONS.

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[at]stumpy, i ve sent several CV's bt am still not getting any response, i even registered with most of the online agencies

Fortunately, I got an offer to work in Kuwait for data entry job.
My main worry now is the cost of living there since the offer is 120KD with free accommodation,transportation and meal during shift. Will it suffice?
Hope you can share your honest opinion in this matter. It would be very helpful since I'm still thinking whether to accept the offer or not.

Check out  for cost of living there

[at]Avahlee: The average of flat rent is 200 - 250 KD. So, having a salary of 120 is not really bad as a start in Kuwait (unless you already have a medium to long experience). Food for a family will cost some amount in the range of 150 KD. So for a single person it should be much less (you are at an advantage that lunch will be taken care of). A lavish and extravagant meal should cost some thing like 4 KD, in a month 120 KD. I believe with this offer you'll be able to get by, but I'd be bargaining for more. Or for a 250 rent allowance and living in shared place where the rent is less than 100 KD. If you want to ask more questions, just shoot.

For rent commercial licenses for all commercial activities
Companies and branches of activity required by
1 / restaurant
2 / sweets and pastries and bakery and pastry
3 / Apparel & Gifts and Accessories and Shoes
4 / Herbs
5 / Real Estate buying and selling land
6 / dyes and decorations, furniture, electricity, and health
7 / restaurant and cafe
8 / Import and Export
9 / printing and imaging
10 / photographer
11 / Barber Salon and Men's Institute
12 / Aluminium Works
13 / Carpentry
14 / Metal Works
License shops and offices in all provinces with ridding all the necessary steps to convert the residence of the workers as soon as the required time and commitment to deadlines and accuracy of work and achievement

For inquiries call / 24719066/55834263/51056188
Or review Farwānīyah Street Fire Station Complex Ground Floor Office 24719255

[at]justfedup:  Thank you! By the way, it was mentioned that we will be staying in flat.

[at]Avahlee: I was so sleepy when I posted yesterday. I'll summarize what I think now that I'm awake :P Negotiate for more. There is inflation all over the world and Kuwait is no exception. Starting with the good salary gives for a better progression in your career. It takes some time before your first salary increases, so you wanna be at a good starting point when you take off on your expatriation journey. Good luck.

[at]justfedup: Nice point... for entry level and clericaljob I believe it is within range given that the accommodation will be provided. I'm still checking with them if there will be an increase aftr probationary period. Thank ypu :)

i think this is big websites for good searching ....

Kuwait have different facts kuwait is small country costal towns and areas are the most popular place to stay .,
Sometimes finding jobs are easy but you need job offer to come and sealed with kuwait embassy after health check up and stuff .,[moderated: illegal advice]

Always check to help u to find s job in ur field

come to colombia is better and work with less salary but you will enjoy here ,, specially cartagena here barranquilla history of the hub of arabs here

i m no longer looking for that
my country is not bad :)

Where in kuwait or colombia . , wht about tunisia coffee market ? Does tunisian love coffee ?

Tunisians love Life :)

[at]houwayda it's nice to see people keeping up with the topic they participated in long ago.

Finding a job here has little to do with qualifications or competencies. The majority of the people working here came through connections.

Teacher is the last job I would pursue here in Kuwait, cause most probably I will be working with bad teacher and even worse students.

But if one gets a good offer to work here it's not all that bad really.

This is not clear answear , i think you are frustrated looking a job


[at]justfedup , that s exactly what i came out to discover , to find job there you have to know people in there helping you , for i was sending my CV since years and no hope !
Well , teaching is what i enjoy doing , anyway , as i said no longer looking for that anymore :)
so satisfied with what i got now :)

[at]ahmed , i beg your pardon??

I'm a business man looking to investing in moroco or algeria or tunisia with coffee , does you have idea about the people how does they consume coffee dailly ,

Sending cv are hard to find a job like that because they will hire what available in local market you should reach kuwait first an look a job in private schools no government if you didn't feel lucky for it .

Egyption most teachers are hired here but for french classes they hire mostly tunisian as my experience in my high school.

HI Ahmed alhouti > If you want to invest in other countries, please post your questions in the relevant forum. You are off topic here. The subject of this thread is How to get a job in Kuwait.

Thank you.

Kuwait market is so saturated with people these days. Even the lowest jobs require a degree, so if anyone plans on coming to Kuwait make sure you have a big degree that will help you beat the competition. I've applied on Bayt and never received any contacts, only the site telling me I'm number 234 out of 890 for example. They can get cheap labor any time they want which makes it more difficult to survive as cost of living increases weekly it seems.

Thats great Christina i just need information about the country who i fin a person from that place is north west Africa ,

About offshore investing i'm looking for place that close to coast and live city thanks

Hello, I want to work in kuwait as a hairdresser im presently working her I bahrain for 6 years but for a change I will try to kuwait if there is a chance.

[at]Childen Change is not always for the better. Moving to another country can be a very serious decision to take. You need to look at the trade-off's that you need to make. Good luck ;)

Im working 6 yesrs here in bahrain as a hairstylist/hairdresser but the salary to much less specially the curency to much down thats why I decide to finish my contract here and search new salon in kuwait which I wanted to go

In this case, I suggest you contact your Kabayans here to connect you to possible employer. You can get in touch with them on Facebook or so, they must have a zillion pages and groups. Good luck!


Jackq8 :


Are you looking for a job or know of jobs on offer. One line posts that offer no information are of no use to anyone.

No i dont i have my work fireman and i just asking

Okay can we extend this question a bit - is there a way for spouses to get jobs? My husband is coming out and leavig his UK job as I am employed here now. However s he can hardly sit around vegetating is there a way for him to find work..are there employment agencies or whatever?

Hi... im zyra searching for a job here in kuwai. .
AAnybody want to make my visa when I go home,please contact me in 550906117

Hi all,


I have did my Electronics and Communications degree from India. At present, I am working as a Network Engineer in an MNC. I have 2 years of experience and relavant certs. My father is there in Kuwait, but I just want to have an Idea before asking something to my father.

If i come in a visit visa to Kuwait, say for a month. Is it possible for me to find a Job in Networking field?What are my chances of finding a job during a month's time..

What salary can I expect? Please advise. I am eagerly waiting for a reply from you guys.!

Thanks in advance. :) Please excuse any typos.

ah you are in india didn't came to kuwait till now , its different story when you are coming to kuwait for work or searching for a job you need very long procedure that will need first THE EXPERIENCE the only thing they will ask you for ?

then the legal things as health certificates and invitation and some government papers that should be provided in embassy of kuwait in india this procedure will let you come to kuwait easily for more than a year not 1 month .

should follow the rules not coming as visitor because when you are trying to change the residency visa will face a lot of troubles a head that you are not sure of the company they will make your residency because they don't want to put any body with out trying you at least 3 months or 6 months ., some of companies they will cheat you as new arrival .,

the one thing you will face problems from are .... i don't to tell you which nationality lol to be as discriminates nationalities but those people are ruin up kuwait i hate them ., i'm sales man specially when i want to sell on them they want every thing free and stuff .,

this nationality you will find them almost every where in kwuait they are arabs ., and they are unpolite with every body. ,

Yorkshirecouple :

Okay can we extend this question a bit - is there a way for spouses to get jobs? My husband is coming out and leavig his UK job as I am employed here now. However s he can hardly sit around vegetating is there a way for him to find work..are there employment agencies or whatever?

In my opinion the best thing to do is to start by making connections. There are some agencies in and out of Kuwait but they weren't much help for anyone I know.

If your husband has qualifications in demand he can definitely find at least one person who can refer him. Good luck!

I would like to teach in Kuwait. I have a degree in basic education and a certificate in early childhood education, can I get any teaching job there and how.

Thanks for this forum..:) really learned alot! on my case ive already signed my job offer,.. but it seems my visa takes a long tym to process,   until now im waiting for it... its been 4 mos ..  :(  do you think I can recieve it after the holidays? tHank you in advance .

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