Systems Maintenance Technician

Posted 7 months ago
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I am seeking a multifaceted role that encompasses technical problem-solving, system integration, process automation, and mechatronics consultancy. Additionally, I aim to engage in research and development, technical training, and systems maintenance, while also utilizing my skills in helpdesk support and technical writing. With a strong focus on providing comprehensive technical support, my profile aligns with roles that demand a versatile skill set, excellent communication, and the ability to adapt to various technological challenges while ensuring effective communication and knowledge transfer within the organization.


Mechatronic system Development | Automation Engineering | Technological Process Optimization | Technical problem solving| Project management | Quality control I AUTOCAD |OFFICE 365 |DATA ANALYSIS |SYSTEM MODELLING |


Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic EngineeringMaster of Science in Automation of Technological Processes and Productions

Language(s) spoken

English (Fluent)

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Full time
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USD 20000