Belgian tramway
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This article is dedicated to the different transportation means in Belgium.

Belgian transportation

Car, tramway, bus, train, underground, taxis and cycling can get you from one place to another in Belgium.


Brussels, Anvers, Gand and Charleroi all have an efficient and complete tramway network. In Flanders, the company De Lijn manages the tramway. In Brussels, the Brussels Inter-communal Society for Transport (STIB) is managing it, and the TEC in Wallonia. The tramway mode of transportation has been a part of Belgium for a long time.

Each company manages the distribution of its own transportation means. Different memberships and fixed prices exist depending on how often you take the tramway and where to. You can ask for more information on board or at the tramway station. The minimum price for a tramway ticket is between 2.10 and 3â¬. You can purchase your ticket on-board, online, or at automated machines at the tramway station.


The Belgian railway network is the most comprehensive one in Europe. If you need more information on travelling to and from Belgium, you can go online on the official railway website (SNCB, National Rail Belgium.)

As for the underground, young travellers benefit from some free travels. Children from 0 to 11 years old (4 children maximum), can take the train for free accompanied by someone with a valid ticket, aged 12 . Children aged 6-11 can take the train for free from Monday to Friday after 9 am. Families with a family card can take the train for free at any time.


Belgium has two bus companies: one French, managed by TEC and another one for the Flemish part of the country, managed by STIB. If you regularly take both, you need a membership for each.

Children under 6 and people aged 65 travel for free on both companies. They need to ask for a membership at TEC. It is valid on the entire Belgian territory.


Taxis are operated by private companies. They have an indicator light 'TAXI' on the roof of the car.

Fees are decided by each region in which the taxi company is implemented. It varies from 1.40 to 3⬠per kilometre. Additionally, the client management costs between 2.25 and 2.40⬠per person during the day. At night, it can be up to 4.25 or 4.40⬠per person. Fees per kilometre change whether you circulate inside the region affiliated to the taxi company or outside it.

As for waiting time, fees vary from 25 and 30⬠per hour or 0.5⬠per minute.

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