Driving license - exams in English

Want to know if it's possible to take the exams(theory+practical) in English. Did look it up a bit seems possible in Brussels, but i'm in West-Vlaanderen. Anyone got info on this?

I tried to study with the Dutch version theory book, but it's way too difficult to understand everything, especially i'm still learning Dutch myself.

Yes, you can in English. I gave it last year.

See this for more info.

http://community.expatica.com/forums/to … heory-exam

Hi every body I need a book online for exam in english in belgium if possibile plz help me

if you still need the book in English, do let me know and I would send it to you.

I am also planning to take driving lesson, if any one has book in English , please send it too me ,it will be really useful and I can send that someone in need.


I want to learn also for the theory driving exam in english.
Anyone still have a book i could use?
please mail me in my bf's adres [email protected]
We live near Gent


kind regards,


Hey there,

Could someone maybe sent me the driverslicense book?

That would be a great help.

Many thanks,:)

Where do you live in gent, I can get you copy

I live in Brussels actually.

But thank you very much!

I want to learn driving theory and practical in english class in brussels so kindly help on this maater.thanks.regards ahmed

i live in rijkevorsel near turnhout and i want to give theory exam in english anyone know where is exam center near my place or from where i can get information about it? thanks

  i have been searching where i can take the driving lessions too in English her in Leuven coz i don't speak Dutch. Really in need of it too.

Hello. Friend when you search kindly tell. Me too. Best regards shakeel

ok. i will


i want to takr my driving lincence exam in englidh language

nothing much



I did my drivers license in English and I have the theory book in English , I have used the free trials on the Internet , if somebody needs that book in English I am ready to sell for cheap price.

I took my test in gent , it was easy and they ask very easy questions m if you know theory really well ,you can clear it easily.

You have to pay 50 euro extra for the translation at test centre  and a guy will translate all the questions in the computer monitor from dutch to English , the 15seconds starts once guy finishes , after that they do small eye test. Don't panic , It was not that hard.

The total expanse including translation is 58 euro . You have to pay at test centre and you have to reserve your seat for translated exam.so register your seat before a month , then you can study in English , then it's over.

Success to all . If any one is interested in buying the English book for second hand price they are welcome.

Hello rashlarry.

Could you please lower capslock while writing on the forum, in order to facilitate the reading.


Karen :)

I am olsa staudyin for my exms, can you please tell how much are you seeling that book please?

Hi i am sorry..i don't have Belgium driving book ,i am also learning from a British theory book.. Anyway how are you preparing without the book ..wish i can help..!
Take care

I would say - study from the Belgian book..

In http://examen.gratisrijbewijsonline.be/ … umbe/login , you can subscribe for sample theory tests. You can attempt as many times as possible, wich gives you a clear idea what type of questions to expect.

Hi Nak!
I would love to have a book, because wd like to do my exam next month.
please let me know. I can send you my address, I lived in Antwerpen .


Hi i am sorry..i don't have Belgium driving book ,i am also learning from a British theory book.. Anyway how are you preparing without the book ..wish i can help..!
Take care

Learing the British theory test book will do you no use at all.. A lot of the laws might be similar but being different countries the laws are Obviously going to be different! Not to mention the speed limits being different and in MPH rather than KM/H.
The ENGLISH version of the Belgian theory test book is only about €10 in the standaard boekhandel.
For such a small cost I think it's worth the investment considering how important the test is!

Driving license - exams in English

honest tman wrote:

Driving license - exams in English

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A constructive input is the expected norm but hey, 10/10 for effort:rolleyes:

Thank you very much for your explanation ....which particular shop can i get the English theory of Belgium driving license...soo that i can buy one now ...thank you once again..

rashlarry wrote:

Thank you very much for your explanation ....which particular shop can i get the English theory of Belgium driving license...soo that i can buy one now ...thank you once again..

The standaard boekhandel have both the books,(theory test&rules of the road)and also the CD version of the test in English

Hi Karen,
Thank you very much for the reminder..i am now checking my caps...hope you are doing good..

Hi Rashlarry,

If you are in Brussels, Waterstones (city center) is the shop :)

Boulevard Adolphe Max 71  1000 Brussels, Belgium, Give a call at +32 2 219 27 08 to make sure of the availability of the book.

its expensive: ~ 50 EUR. (You may ask around  for a second-hand book before buying a new one.)

Once you are done with studying the book, you can use examen.gratisrijbewijsonline.be/proefexamen/drivinglicencebelgiumbe/login to subscribe (a couple o days before the actual exam) for sample theory tests in English. You can attempt as many times as possible, which gives you a clear idea what type of questions to expect.

Good luck :)


Hi Kodaikanal,

can i buy your book in English for passing the theory exam? I live in Gent.

Thanks in advance,

Hello i was wondering if anyone has taken the Belgium driving test? If so can i have a copy of the book or use the book and make copies of it so that i can study for my exam in march. Thanks
I live in Brussels
my email is [email protected]


Hi guys.

I have recently tried to find the "Driving in Belgium From A-Z" in Belgium but apparently they are not being printed anymore.
Since I have read that certain ammount of people have this book I was wondering if anyone would upload it online and make it available for free for the people in need? - some altruistic deeds brings you only good energy&you would help to many :)

I am planning to do my exam sometimes in May and I would be really deeply grateful for this kind of help!

p.s. In the case the public uploading would not be possible my email is '[email protected]' and would be eternaly grateful to someone who would send me one uploaded copy

Thanks a lot!


I will appreciate if someone can help me and provide digital or hardcopy of Exercise book for next exam 10/04. I check all bookstores and libraries in Gent, but apparently without positive result. Also good advice for exam will be welcome :)

Thanks in advance!

fulvus.gyps (at) gmail.com

I assume its English book that you are searching for. When I was attempting, I got my book from Waterstones book center in the center of Brussels. Unfortunately the book is not with me anymore.

http://examen.gratisrijbewijsonline.be/ … umbe/login

offers you practice exams (you pay 6 EUR or so and you can take as much mock tests as you want) - In English. If you go to HOME of that website, there are some learning resources too.

Hope this helps.

Hello everyone, i would like to have an English driving exam too, is there any information how to get the complete exercise book or where to buy? cheers

Hi,I have driving book in English with latest version.I attempt exam by last week and pass.Now i want to sale my english driving theory book at cheap price.

During my examination,i found 80% of questions from the book.If any one want call me @ 0465984037

Hi apparao did ur book still available