Belgian paper driving licence

I am 76 years old with a Belgium paper driving licence issued in 1988 with no expiry date. Do I need to take any action to ensure it is still valid?

I guess you're talking about the pink paper version.
Basically, it depends on your case.

No, because that document is still legit until 2033. (All EU states will have the same id card format)
Yes, if it the picture on the driving license make it difficult to identify.

I was kinda "forced" to change it into the id card type 3 years ago when I did request a new international driver licenses, as my pink paper version was fully torn & the picture was completely obsolete :D
It results in 15/20€.... & I had to do new id pictures & that stupid card will expire 10 years later...

===> Don't bother changing it before 2033, you'd just lose money and time :whistle:

Yes indeed, if your license is not damaged and readable etc, it is valid till 2033 :)