Buy an used motorbike in Belgium


What kind of paperwork we need to do and check when buying an used motorbike in Belgium? Any one has similar experience, pls kindly advise me


there is no special paperwork, just be sure you get the paper of the vehicle himself which his called "grey card " in Belgium

merci but I have heard that it is hard to find vendor selling insurance for motorbike in Belgium? Is it true? I can not believe that because how come the 1st owner driving without insurance then?

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it's not that difficult to insure your bike you've combined possibilties togeteher with a car or without, it's more expensive without but not difficult at all.

i take good notes of your proposal !! many thanks in advance ;)

I am at a loss as to where else to turn. I am buying an old vespa from the 70's an I am trying to find how to do the paperwork. Am I right thinking that I should:

- sign a private contract to transfer the property
- go to DIV with this contract and the vespa documentation
- after that get an insurance

Am I missing something? is there any special insurance for this kind of scooter?

If you do not have the answers, where do you recommend me to ask?

Thank you