Driving License exchange

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Any info on how long is the waiting time to exchange driving license from other country? I have a list of countries from which they accept the exchange but want to have an idea how long it might take.

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basically & theoretically, it's up to one year.
It depends how fast administration talk together between country, so yeah... do it asap or pass the examination again, it's often faster~

List: https://mobilit.belgium.be/en/road_traf … g_licences

Ok, thanks Alex.

Thanks Aneesh.

I don't know much about this. I have a Nigerian driving license.

I tried to exchange it; I saw that Driving licenses from Nigeria are not recognized in Belgium. These cannot be exchanged in Belgium.

https://mobilit.belgium.be/nl/wegverkee … opese_unie

I must take the exam and pass all the exams in Belgium at any of the exam centres. Who know the procedure for this?.

It's the the theory exams first then the practical exams. Make enquiries at a driving school in your area. They will tell you everything you need to know.

It's was the same for me so I had to do theory first if you pass (41/50) then you can go for practice.
You can go for practice but you have to choose to go to school follow 20 hours then you can drive alone with an L.
Driving alone you get a voorlopig driving licence valid for 18 months and within those months you should have gone for your practical exam.
You can choose to drive with someone like your father who has held his licence for some number of years, then your licence to practice will be valid for 36 months but you can never drive alone.
I chose to go to school pay 1800 euros and drive alone. I have booked my first practical exam for April.
The hardest part is the theory it's very difficult I did it in Dutch but I followed a special class for it then when I felt I was ready i went for the exam.
All this information is on their website or best go to a driving school and ask them.

There are rules also, if you read on your own and fail 2 exams you have to go to a recognised school to learn for some number of hours. Then after you get a paper valid for 3 years (not sure). With that paper you can do as many exams till you pass.
You could go to the recognised school learn for some hours then get the paper immediately. Then after book your theory exams. You got also options to do the exams in English (not sure if it's a translator who is there).
You really need to study and study. Online there are exams you can do by yourself and they help to practice. I hope this helps.

Thank you Adeyola and Jaci78 for the information. The process is  :)

I had experience in kind same situation. I had my indian license. 

First theory 41/50 marks but now rulrs are tight if you made 4 big mistakes then you fail. If you want in English you can contact Brussel location. I tjink gent also organize the English exam. You called them they will make an appointment in certain date whebyhe translator will come. You will be on the computer and translator will translate the questions on the mic. 

Verlop license two options. 
20 hours school or someone with belgium license years not sure exactly how much. 

About practical exam if you already have license from your country please do let them know and show them the original with thos you will be exempt from redo the school 6 hours training in case fail twice. Not sure if the rule still applies i did mine in 2018