Tram in fine


Couple of weeks ago I had unbelievable pain on my tooth. So, I get into a tram in my way to a hospital. Unfortunately, I forgot to pay a ticket before go into tram and the paying machine inside the tram was out of order. Then someone come to the tram and ask me for the tickets. I told him that I tried to use the machine inside the tram but it is out of order. He told me that I can send a message to a specific number I tried in front of him but it is also doesn't work. Then he told me it is OK just next time if the machine doesn't work in the tram I should try to find another machine on next stop.

He take my ID and told me no thing will come to me just a notification on their system.

Now I got a fine for hundred euros.

I have 2 questions.

1st. According to what I explained if I submit an appeal does it works or no??

2nd. Does this fine affect my future application for citizenship?

Thank you

  1. There were several ways to pay. You could have paid online, in the ticked both, just just by contact less using any bank card but you did not. Your explanation is useless. There are at least 3 machines in each tram. Did also the rest of passengers get a fine that day? I doubt it. Fine is fair and you must pay unfortunately. Next time make sure you pay or the fine second time will be higher.
  2. There is no relation with applying for Belgian citizenship. You are in Belgium and not in China to loose social points.