Non-EU Driving licence exchange in Belgium

Dear Team,

Have question please.

I have non-EU driving license and submit to my commune and commune confirm to me they send to Brussels ..for further verification and exchange.

The commune has transferred the file to Brussels 2nd of Jan ..but no status update since then.

Is there any means to check the status my license exchange in brussels:

What is average waiting time to get driving license to be exchanged .

Thank you.

They Quote 6 weeks, mine and my wife's took about 4

@Ipgpibe thank you for the info. Should we follow up with the authority or wait the commune to call me for collection ?

There is no way to check progress, they say it will be 2 months but may be shorter or longer. It depends a lot also on your country of origin how fast they get the stuff done as Belgians need to sent an official request for verification and wait for an official response confirming the validity of your license. 

@Edigj Thank you. Very helpful.

@Edigj i got my exchanged driving licence today from commune.

Thank you indeed!!