Tint Windows Car Allowed?

Does Belgium allow tinted windows on cars?

Reason I ask is I have a factory tined Mini Cooper which I would like to ship over from the States. But it was illegal in Germany so I would have to remove them if it is the same in Belgium I don't think I will ship my car.

My husband says he *thinks* it is allowed, but can't say for sure. I'm sure it must be online somewhere? Have you just not been able to find the laws in English?

I've only looked online and asked friends. I kind of have the idea that they are legal but only on the rear and back windows. I'm just going to have to wait till I get there to find out for myself. Thanks for the help.


Just an update for this post. But I still haven't been able to find a good source for this online. My question is my front windows are tinted dark factory US Tints. Before I ship my car I would like to get them re tinted into a legal Belgium spec. Anyone know anything about this?

it is allowed if its under 50% otherwise its not legal in belgium


Hère is the official Circular of 19 March 2004 concerning vehicles (M1), published in the Belgian Official Journal of 19 March 2004,
modifications and transformations mentioned below are self-provided that they respect the basic principles and under the conditions referred to below:

1) stain and apply an adhesive sheet on the rear side window - conditions:
- degree of reflection 15% (for adhesive sheets only)
- transparent

2) stain and apply an adhesive sheet on the rear window - conditions:
- two exterior mirrors
- degree of reflection 15% (for adhesive sheets only)

3) Apply a sunshade strip and lettering on the windshield - conditions:
- lower edge of the sun visor strip can not protrude the edge bottom of the sun visor when it is folded against the windshield.
- non-reflective