Driving license - exams in English

yes..its available still

Is it possible to help me about driving license

what type of help you want..

Hi Everyone, does someone still possess the book in English?

Hi, I just want to share my experience on getting a Belgian driver's license. There were so many hurdles into it so I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you.

Exchanging the national license (Philippines) with a Belgian one: unsuccessful as my license expired while waiting for my Belgian ID which took almost 3 months!

Passing the theoretical exam:
1st try: unsuccessful - I bought the popular driving book everyone is discussing here but I didn't prepare myself well. I did not answer all questions nor checked the online site.  And during the exam day, the system bothered me a lot. I did not research how the exam would be translated, should have had gone to this forum earlier. I had expected that the screen will be in English...but no, one person read the question to everyone -- screen was in French. By the time he finished reading or translating, you are done. The extra minutes will be of no use to review your answer not unless it is just a "Oui" or "Non".

2nd try: successful
Studied the book well, answered all the 500 questions plus online questions. It helped that I was already familiar with the exam system, the second try was very easy. I think even just the online questions would be enough as it really mimics the scenario, there is a timer etc.

Practical exam: Successful
Attending a driving school was not required and also there was no need for a temporary or provisional license since I already have a national license which I have held for 3 years. But I still enrolled myself in a driving school. I know that practical exams in Brussels would be difficult and also I didn't really drive after I got my driving license. I left for Japan where transportation was good.

I enrolled at CEPICAM, they are really good! Prepared me well for the exam and arranged everything for me including the translator. The teachers could speak English. They took me to the exam streets and roads, especially the tricky ones.

I hope this helps. Never give up!

hey there if anyone have the driving book in english let me know pls as im trying to find it in belguim here and i cant fint it
thank you guys

Hey guys ! i really need the English book ? hard copy or PDF ?**

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Hi everyone,I did the English theory exam but didn't get the pass mark. I want to do it again.
I studied the whole book and answered a lot of questions. Can someone please guide and advice me on how to study to pass it the second time?


Hello ,
Imh Ishan Imh living in Germany right nw,, Imh applyed for my b1 Driving license of theory test so I mh looking for the b1 driving license English theory book for practice of my exam.. So please let me know if you have any information about this..

Exams can be done in English with the help of a translator

Lessons in Driving school can also be done in English provided their instructor speaks it fluently.
I went to Auto-Ecole Europeenne in Ixelles, Avenue de la Couronne, 43 (near Flagey) and had lessons with Eric who speaks very well and is also a theory teacher.  The secretary 02/648.95.67 has limlited English but Eric calls back.

Good luck to you but with 20 hours with Eric & a 2 hours revision after my propation of 3 months (in fact I drove 6 months on my own before the test) I got my license after the 1st try.
The School arranged for the interpreter .

I have been pleased with that school

The school also sells a book in English for the theory with an exercise book of 800 questions.
You need 41/50 to pass so you have 16 exams to test your skills.

Hello friend i would really like that book or any where i can get it from. Thanks

http://www.autoecoleeuropeenneixelles.s … #Accueil.A

They sell it at 49,95

Hi everyone! I have the english books latest version and I passed my exams in December so now I am selling them for 35 euro. They are clean with no notes inside.I am in Leuven but I could send them with Bpost if interested. Let me know :)

Hello friend. I hope you are doing well. I amm  interested to buy the book. But does it have a cd. Or code where I can practice for the exams thank

Hi there, hope you are doing well too. The books come with a code that expires quickly. I myself had to buy the code with sms 3 more times in order to practice for the exams. It cost 3.5 euros and is valid for 3 days. You can buy here https://www.drivinglicence-belgium.be/ There is no CD with the book but in the website I send you, you can find video explanation for all the theorie (but only in Dutch and French version).

My general advice is to study the book really really well and 1 week before you take the exams practice also with the online tests on the website.


Do you still have the book.


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hi everyone. Anyone to help me in getting the books for the theory exams in english? Thanks in advance

phonxy :

hi everyone. Anyone to help me in getting the books for the theory exams in english? Thanks in advance

Hey phonxy,
I sell the driving driving B theory test with the excersice book, it usually cost € 49.99 , I sell you € 30 and you can buy the code yourself in the website. You can send me an email if you're interested in it . **


Hi please check your inbox. I want the book still.

I need the driving license test book in english
How can i please get it?!

At the European Driving School of Avenue de la Couronne, 43 in Ixelles you can buy a NEW book with the Belgian code for € 30,00.

http://www.autoecoleeuropeenneixelles.s … #Accueil.A

Thanks Chacage..

Also, some FB groups (like Brussels sell/swap/giveaway) and websites (like 2memain.be) can be looked at. Sometimes people post ads for selling used theory exam books.

Some bookshops (like Waterstones) also sell this book.

Good luck with preparation and exams !

Hello Friends,

I would like to know Best book for theoretical exam preparation.  I am looking for a good
book in English. I do not know french and dutch.

Please let me know how I can get it.

If someone has this book please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

There are 2 different books but the small red one is clearer and cheaper. EUR 30,00
You can buy it at the European Driving School in Ixelles (Avenue de la Couronne 43) or in Etterbeek (Avenue d'Auderghem 156).



Thanks for the help.

Can you please tell me the name of the books?


Hello sir good afternoon please I want the book for driver Leysen in English thank you so much

Hello all,

I had a theory exam, more than 20 classes and a practical test (that I failed) in Spain. Is this some way valid for not having to take the theory exam and those 20 hours of clases for driving alone in Belgium?


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