Is Indian Driving License Valid In Belgium? 2018

I have a valid international driving license from New Delhi, India.
I am not sure if that will work in Belgium.

Do i need to go through learning classes , written exams in English etc etc...

Can anyone guide me for the procedure of getting a driving license in Belgium?

But to save you time please look at this LINK.

Thanks a lot for the link.
Got a lot of valuable Information through it.

My only query regarding this now is that those threads are 3 to 4 years old.

Are the rules exactly the same or are there any changes in protocol?

Nothing changed.

1. Indian Driving License is not exchangeable in Belgium.
2. IDP (International Driving Permit) [plus home country license] is applicable only for tourists or short-term visitors, not for long term visa holders who establish residence in Belgium.
3. Yes you need to go through theory and practical exams.

Hi anyone has theory book for driver’s license test in Belgium ??

Hi Aneesh,

You been helping lot for driving license issue. Is anything changed? as I see your last post in 2017.

You can also just guide me to the website. The links in some of the posts are not working any more.

I will be coming with long term visa, would it be possible to use the IDP from India to obtain Driving license in Belgium?



As is recommended for each newcomer, READ the site's charter.

Two things are clearly mentioned:
- Read the country guide. It is under the "discover" tab
- Read the old articles. To find them, use the magnifying glass next to your avatar. Just type the word "driving"...

Your question has already been asked on 137 topics.


And nothing had changed from what is mentioned in the previous posts of this topic. (Only the structure of the exams changed - nothing else).

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