Spass application record showed “No record found

@beppi sir i have a doubt if i get job and get selected by the company i applied will they provide offer letter before itself or will they provide after getting workvisa approval ?

The usual sequence of events is this:

  • You apply for a job.
  • The employer selects you among the applicants and offers you the position.
  • You agree on the offered terms and thus an employment contract is concluded.
  • Then (and only then) can the employer apply for your work pass. The employment terms must be stated in the application.
  • If the work pass is approved, you can start preparations to move to Singapore and start your new job.

There is no sense in writing an offer letter after the work pass is approved.

@beppi oh okay sir thank you sir can i check the status by application refernce number sir

@ranjithkumar5402 You can log into MoM's system and see the status there.

is there any chance the employer revoked the employment letter and not submit all the documents to apply EP because up till now for 2 weeks no record found in the work pass status check?

@Lalalallala7899 You did not provide enough details tounderstand your case.

If MoM's system says "no record found", then that might of course be because nothing was submitted. Ask your employer!

So I did follow up the employer twice and there's no reply from them for 2 weeks. I'm just concerned that Employer didnt apply at all and just let it slide without inform me. Company is a well reputed MNC. Or is there any chance that MoM is processing but didnt change the status of the work pass on Non Log in Check Work pass status

@Lalalallala7899 MoM needs some time (a few days to a week) after an application is submittet to enter it into their system.

But in your case, since the employer isn't even replying, I'd expect there is no application and thus no job for you. Sorry!

Im just curious why they asked me to sign the contract and submit all the documents but they didnt even apply it? By the way, thanks beppi

@Lalalallala7899 Ask them, not us!

By the way: Did you have direct contact with the employer (= company in Singapore)? It is typical of such dubious agents not to give you the employer's contact details, sometimes not even the name. But since no serious company would employ a person they have never seen or talked to, this is a sure sign of a scam!

Hello everyone, i need some quick advise here:

1. Got a job offer and S pass application is already pending with MoM.

2. Got a better job offer (higher salary than #1), decided to accept the job offer and told HR from #1 to cancel pending S pass since #2 will also start submitting my S pass application.

3. S pass for #1 has been cancelled, S pass for #2 is now pending


Do you think there might be issues in approving my S pass for #2, given i have cancelled my previous S pass application in #1?

Reason why i chose #2 is because it has a higher chance of getting my dependent (child) approved since salary is much higher compared to #1.

P.S. Im really worried now if my S pass for #2 will not be approved because i had to cancel #1 (hopefully not!) 😔😔😔

Appreciate if there's anyone who have experienced this. Thanks in advance!

I got selected in a company in singapore. The requirement process starts on august 12. The Recruiters told me that your visa gets released in 10 to 12 weeks from the date of documents submitted. But now he said me that due to festival period(Christmas, Chinese new year)the company holds your visa process. Is this real that companies in singapore hold recruitment during festives ?

Is by any chance mom will  reject our application for not having experience what i heard by  my agent he told you dont have relevant experience For the role we applied the company needed employee but mom rejecting it so we'll just change the designation as trainee so that they will approve sure this time was said by my agent is this could be real sir beppi but they have applied newly again its been 23 days since they said and reapplied but still status so us no record found when i ask them about this they said in thats status it will show like that only but by refernce and cpf number it will show the status they said but theyre not providing it im asking them for so long what will your suggestion for it beppi by your view

@srvcaccntjan Changing your mind (and thus creating unnecessary work for them) is seen as negative by MoM - so your new pass has lower approval chances than the first one, if all else were the same (which it usually isn't!).

@katheejamohamed2001 This idiffers individually from company to company, of course. But if moepeople are taking leave during festive seasons, there are of course less people available for making hiring decisions.

@ranjithkumar5402 Your text is alomst unreadable. Interpuctuation does have a meaning, so pleae learn how to use it!

From the little I understand, it seems like your agent is trying tricks to circumvent MoM's judgement. This will fail, as MoM already knows all of them and will not allow such attempts.

Hi, what happen to your applications