Help appreciated with opening bank account EU citizen

Hello all,

New to the forum and I could use some good advise/assistance with the following.

We are a couple from The Netherlands and we very much like to buy/build a cabin (hytte) in Norway. We have visited many times, found the plot (tomt) we like and the type of cabin we want to build. So far so good :) But we don't live and/or work in Norway, we both have good jobs in The Netherlands and have no intention at this time to move to Norway permanent.

We found everyone extremely friendly and helpful except for the banks... When I want to open a simple bank account, so we can prepare the buy and later pay like the kommune fees, and perhaps apply for a small mortgage, we get a hard "we can't help you". And I just don't understand that, we are EU citizen, want to spend money/time in Norway and there seems to be a kind of "fear" to opening accounts for non-residents. But we need to start somewhere and just get stuck.

But maybe I need to start with the D-number? The only thing is that it seems nearly impossible to get a D-number if you don't live or work in Norway...

Any good advise for us what actions to take? Tusen takk!



The problem is that Norway is inside and outside the European space at the same time.

Therefore, precisely for the banks, they are outside Europe. So if you want to open an account with them. The easiest way is to find a Dutch bank that has branches in Norway. Using this system, it will work.

Hi PhiPiemar,

Takk for your suggestion, I already tried that route with one bank (handelsbanken),  but the Dutch brand directed me to the Norwegian and after sending a nice and extensive e-mail to the Norwegian brand explaining the situation and request service/advise, I got a reply within 2 hours saying literally only; "sorry, we can't help you, have a nice day"...

Another bank (Nordea) says, we can't help you if you don't have a D-number, which I can't seem to get because I don't live/work in Norway...

To be honest, it is quite frustrating, I only have good intentions and I am not getting anywhere...

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

It sound's like it's exactly the same as it is in Holland; if you don't have a BSN number, you can't open a bank account in the Netherlands.

I know I haven't helped, but I hope you manage to find a solution, then come back on here and let us know how you did it, so we can better inform the next people who ask.


Expat Team

Hello Arjen, As I understand this seems like a dead end, without a D number non Nordic citizens have no options at all. It seems like there was a reason why Norway stayed out from EU. But you don't need a Norwegian bank account to pay property tax. It's only four times per year you need to pay and you can pay it from any bank account (and some areas in Norway you don't need to pay property tax at all).
And also a compromised suggestion is you buy a property near the Norwegian border in an EU country which is Sweden, then you have full EU rights and also full access to beautiful Norway. Cheers!

Hi again.

Just to add; we ended up sending money to the Netherlands using the IBAN banking system.  I just checked and Norway is also part of this, so it should be quite easy to send your money directly to the account of the organisation you wish to pay from your bank in the Netherlands, so ask the recipient for their IBAN reference.  From the UK, we did it all online in a few minutes and the money was there in a few minutes.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic,

Thanks and that is correct, but I also need a part mortgage and that is a challenge as Dutch bank don't like financing house abroad. The Norwegian banks are happy to help, as long as you have a D-number  ;) Maybe UDI can be a way “in”. I will let it know when I figure it out.


Hi All!

Opening my own old topic again ;) I first off all wanted to tell the forum how I got it fixed in the end as it might be helpful for others, and I have another question/advice request.

First off all; I have a Norwegian bank account (with DNB) and I got that because we decided in April to buy a plot of land in Trøndelag with our savings. So we are now happy owners of a piece of Norway with fjord views :D anyway, to be able to register the land and pay tax over it the tax office (skatteetaten) creates a D-number for you :) And as suggested earlier, a D-number opens doors.

With the D-number and explanation of the reason wanting a bank account, the DNB bank accepted me as a customer, I did had to scan my passport for that when we were in Norway in July. Unfortunately without BankID, but I just received the debet card last Tuesday and am now awaiting the pin code and code device (which takes very long over old school mail these days). But I am sure I will get those by next week as well.

Next step is getting a mortgage, we have some savings left, but still need a mortgage to actually build the house. I will wait until I can login in nettbanken at DNB because of the secure communication and will apply for the mortgage. But perhaps someone has better options for house mortgages in Norway with better rates/conditions or less strict requirements? How are the crowdfunding options in Norway for example?