Best bank for US citizen in Norway

Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for accessing funds earned/saved in the US (prior to my move) while I live in Norway. I have a Norwegian employer and eventually plan to open a Norwegian bank account, but would like advice on limiting fees when accessing my money from the US. I see Capital One 360 checking accounts supposedly do not charge foreign transaction fees or international ATM fees. I also saw somewhere that they are supposed to have European banking partners that would not charge ATM fees, however I cannot find a list of those banks or maps of ATMs for which this would apply.

What banks do you all use?

I also read somewhere that some banks will close your account if they find out you are living abroad. Do any of you have experience with this? Do you have any suggestions to avoid this issue?

For moving larger balances from a US bank (say for purchasing property), do you just use a wire transfer from your US bank to your Norwegian bank?

Thanks so much!!



Yes, you can use wire transfer for transferring money to and fro.

you can also open a bank account with a Norwegian bank. It usually takes 3 weeks.but for the initial one month you need to rely on your home credit card.