Getting Credit Cards in Norway

Hi Guys (and Girls),

I have recently received my D number so I can now open a bank account. Most of the people I know have an account with DNB because it has an English website probably.

I want to open an account with a bank who can issue me a credit card. I have heard that it is not possible for a new person to get a credit card in Norway because they dont have a credit history in Norway. How is that possible? I will never have a credit history in Norway if I dont get a loan. Is it true or just another urban legend?

Also please recommend a good bank for expats.

Thank you.

ask the bank where you open a saving account or payroll account in and they should be able to offer your their credit card.

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Thank you fornight.

When I went to get a bank account with my FNR, they said I could get a credit card after I'd been here six months. I did get a debit card that works in all places a credit card would work though, so I could buy online and everything with it.

I'm not sure in the case of a DNR if you have to wait longer because that type of ID is still a temporary one.

your credit history not necessary related to a loan.

once the bank sees your salary or financials are  stable they will offer you a normal credit card.

by keeping the good financials going, they will automatically upgrade you for a gold credit card.

it is just a matter of time , few months

otherwise you can guarantee your credit limit from your financials, and you get your card at once

Thank you! :)

Hi guys. I just got back from the bank DNB. They are saying that it takes 3 years before I can apply for a credit card! Seriously ? I think I should open my account someplace else.

try sparebank.

DnB is making the rules much stricter these days. I got my credit card from them when I arrived here. Other banks like Nordea may be more flexible