U k state pension / norwegian pension

I have a U K state pension and  will be entitled to a very small Norwegian pension.  I would like to transfer my U k pension into the Norwegian System and thus have the two pensions  , U K and Norwegian paid together in Norway.  I don't want two separate ones just the one .  Does anyone know if this is possible. so far  speaking to Norwegian pensions, they have no idea and have never heard of such a thing , but the U K people say yes it is possible ????

Yes it possible and it is surprising they have not heard of it. Norway has signed the EU agreements for the transfer of pensions, the link below can help a little but the most important is to find the competent person to discuss with. Try with their international section.
http://www.expatica.com/nl/finance/Port … 06849.html

Thank you for the information, I think it may be a long  task, but will try .