Sports and fitness in Oslo

sports in Oslo
Updated 2019-10-09 08:06

Norwegians are an active bunch and weather is no obstacle. You will see youngsters playing soccer in the pouring rain or even snow, and new mothers skiing with their months-old babies in a baby backpack or child-safe sledge device. Luckily, there are some indoor and weather-friendly sports types to enjoy as well expats who don't like the cold will be able to choose from a selection of other activities.

Nordic sports in Oslo

As mentioned above, Norwegians love being active and getting outdoors. Sports such as handball and football (soccer for the Americans) are popular at school and university levels, while Nordic cross-country skiing and hiking are typical Norsk activities that expats must try at least once.

Oslo Vinter Park is the best place for winter sports. There are skis and snowboards available for rent, as well as ski lessons and a cosy lodge for those who tried but failed to fall in love with the cold.

Recreational sports in Oslo

  • Cycling: Weather permitting, bicycles are a great way to explore the city of Oslo while getting in some exercise. Oslo Bysykkel has 250 stations in and around the city where bikes can be rented at very affordable prices.
  • Paddling and kayaking in the Oslofjord during summertime is a great activity and a unique way to see Oslo from a waterside perspective.
  • Climbing: The Oslo Climbing Centre is one of the largest in Norway and offers advanced level climbing as well as children's climbing activities. There is also the Vulkan Climbing Centre and the Klatreverket Climbing Centre.
  • Parachuting: For the brave at heart, Oslo even has a parachute club with jumps in the summer.
  • Golfing: Despite a cold climate, Norwegians enjoy a good round of golf. There are several golf courses located around the city, like the Bærum Golf Club.

Sports clubs in Oslo

Another way to enjoy sports in Oslo is by joining a sports club or association. Some official membership clubs may have additional fees, although there are plenty of free social sports groups to join.

Here are some popular community-driven sports groups:

 Good to know:

If you are interested in sports types not listed here, a simple search on Facebook or Google for ‘[sports type] i Oslo' might help you find a club. You can also ask colleagues and friends for recommendations.

Fitness centres in Oslo

Despite overall high living costs in the city, gym memberships in Oslo are relatively affordable and offer great value for money. There are a few major fitness clubs that offer everything from classes and personal trainers to state-of-the-art machines and equipment.

Here are some of the most popular fitness clubs in Oslo:

  • Fresh Fitness: With 9 locations across Oslo that offer extended opening hours from 05:00-23:00, Fresh Fitness is easily accessible. There are different training options: group training, training with a personal trainer, and training alone. Prices start at NOK 249 per month for the basic membership plan.
  • SATS: This is one of the fitness clubs with the most significant presence in Oslo. Members can choose from 25 locations or even a city membership that grants access to all locations. Use the online membership wizard to help you get the right membership access for your needs.
  • Friskis&Svettis: If you want to join a gym with activities like fitness dance classes, high-intensity classes, and spinning sessions, Friskis&Svettis is a great option.

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Some fitness centres offer free or reduced-price options for day passes. Why not try out the gym before committing to a fixed membership plan?

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