Fun things in Oslo?

I'm new in Oslo, just working as an au pair here for 18 months.

Does anyone know any good beginner dance classes / yoga classes / anything really that are taught in English?
I really want to find a way to keep fit and make friends, but I can't find any ones that are taught in English, and I haven't learnt more than basic Norwegian yet.

Also, are there any groups for English speaking people in Oslo, so I can meet people? All I can find are ones for people who've married Norwegians or who've just had babies, and I fit neither category.


Hi,I am leona,my currently situation is almost with yours. i am also looking for some enjoyable groups in Enlgish because I can't speak norwegian,even though i would like to learn norwegian. Maybe we will become friends if you like.



Hi Leona.
It's nice to know I'm no the only one in this situation! How long have you been in living in Oslo?
So far I still haven't found any groups in English.

Hi, nice to see your reply! i have been living in Oslo for more than 1 year.But I can't still speak norwegian.:D
I am going to learn norwegian next year. I am working in Oslo and my work belongs to my home country. so I will stay  here for 4 years.
i am still seeking for some interesting activities like communication  in English, leisure activities. and some sports such as yoga. oh, but i didn't find out at all.
i am not happy for these things!

Hi people
As far as I know , there is a couch surfing group for more details, Its a bunch of really nice people with meetings, the schedule of which is posted every month.You can see the mentioned link for this.

Apart from it, its a group "New to Oslo" which you can part of and there are nice people there too.

Finally if you want to have a good time around, we could meet up sometime when you people have time.I am also the one which only basic norwegian but I am talking a course right now.

Best Regards

Welcome Theaa!

There are lots of people on here too, lots of blogs to explore.

There are lots of English here in Norway, but yes we are mostly "old" lol!

You can try "visit Oslo" on facebook too to find out what is going on.

Also: is a good resource to dig through.

Good luck Theaa, I hope you find some peeps!

Hei, there's a fun event this Saturday, Feb 26 at Tou Scene, Called La Frenchy Festival.  Here's the programme.

Brigitte Jean Jameson 22 February at 21:27

Bonjour! As if you need any more reason to attend La Frenchy Festivale, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the amazing programme… make sure you arrive on time if you want to see all the incredible acts!

Don’t forget – a free champagne on arrival, and best dressed wins a bottle!! No, you don't have to dress up... but it will make the place look even more amazing if you dare!

So bring on the corsets, stockings, berets, stripey shirts, mustaches and red scarves... It’s set to be a crazy night of Norway’s very best entertainment… Frenchy-style! ☺


8pm: Doors open – free champagne on arrival, and a little magic to start things off.
8.15pm: our MC will introduce himself and welcome you all to LA FRENCHY FESTIVALE
8.20pm: Premiere gig for Stavanger trio SNOW PIRATE featuring Mads and Espen Røksund, Sjur Dagsland and Brigitte Jean Allen
8.45pm: Roving Magic by star Andre Bore (Short break to change stage)
9.00pm: Circus Performance by none other than Flaks Sjongleringsgruppe
9.30pm: Helene Waage and Gjertrud Økland of the famous Gjertrud’s Sigoynerorkester
9.55pm: Roving Magic by star Andre Bore (Short break to change stage)
10.10pm: Flame juggling by none other than Flaks Sjongleringsgruppe!!!
10.25pm: Burlesque fan dance by songstress ‘Jean Jameson’ (accompanied by special guest Rhys Evans)
10.30pm: Roving Magic by star Andre Bore (Short break to change stage)
10.40pm: French classics by renowned musicians Johan Egdetveit and Dominique Brackeva
11.25pm: Pole performance by Oslo’s Malin Olsen (Norway's European Pole Championships entrant and Norway's Got talent star)
11.30pm: French music and drinks and our Best Dressed winner!
12am: The Incredible ‘Plateprater Ole’, the best local House DJ – until 2am.

There's a Facebook event page at:

Hope to see some of you there!


Hello rhysmhor,

Can you please post your message on the Oslo Classifieds page, Category>Community>Events.



I am Karthik. I have been in Oslo for last 3 months. I am from India and working here in IBM and I can speak english :-)

Let me know if you would want to meet some time for coffee or a beer

Hello ppl,

looks like a lot of newbies, lets arrange a time and meet up....

Hi Theaa
Hope you're doing ok, meeting lots of the great people here :)  I go to a yoga class near Majorstuen at a place called Puro Yoga; although they don't have exclusively English classes if you mention that you don't speak Norwegian they're really good at switching between the 2 so that you have a clue what's going on. My experience so far is that, everyone in Norway seems to speak really good English so it's possible you might find a few like-minded people to chat to there too.  Good luck

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