Developing your professional network in Oslo

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Updated 2019-10-08 15:25

Oslo is not the biggest city; networking will help you stay connected and discover new opportunities. Whether you are already employed or hope to find a job in the city, it is important to develop a strong professional network. Below are a few ideas to help you expand your network in Oslo.

Attend networking events in Oslo

In addition to attending networking events in Oslo, expats can join a club or group to expand their social network. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a group that helps you develop a professional and social network simultaneously.

Meetup groups with a more professional focus are an excellent place to start networking. Below are just a few of the groups that you can join for free. Many of these groups hold monthly informal or formal networking events for professionals.

The Eventbrite website posts upcoming networking events across all fields online. Check back regularly for new opportunities. Places like the Oslo Startup Lab are also quite impressive.

Brush up on your skills

If you have trouble finding a job or developing a network, it might be time to learn a new skill or work on improving the ones that you have already developed. Newcomers to Norway might have some luck applying to an apprenticeship or vocational training programme.

Meeting new people on the course is also a great way to develop your future professional network.

If you are short on time, practising your Norwegian at a language café (or ‘språkkafe') is a good way to meet locals who might become important contacts for future opportunities. Read more about learning Norwegian and meeting new people.

Join a society in Oslo

Norway has trade unions locally and nationally for various industries. Although most trade unions have yearly fees, union membership fees are tax-deductible and provide workplace protection. Some union groups like TEKNA (The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals) also encourage networking and host professional networking events and information sessions.

Make use of technology

Using a tool like LinkedIn is an excellent way to go about expanding your professional network. Search for people in the same field and try to connect with them on the site. This will help you gain access to other professionals in Oslo who similarly use LinkedIn to grow their professional networks.

Work from a coworking space in Oslo

A desk at a coworking space is a good way to draw interest from other professionals, especially for freelancers who depend heavily on professional networks to stay in the loop. Oslo has several coworking spaces with various facilities available. Although most of the places aren't cheap, a small one-off investment for a 30-day desk might just be enough to grow your network.

Here are some of the most popular coworking spaces to be found in Oslo:

 Good to know:

Most coworking spaces offer free tours – call ahead to book a time.

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