Loans from HUSBANKEN !!

Has anyone here applied for a home loan with HUSBANKEN?

I have a few questions, for which I need some input from you guys - I believe they generally support to finance one's start-up loan. But unfortunately considering my income and family situation, the bank has declined to loan me much is there a possibility for me to get a 90-100% loan from HUSBANKEN? I have a reasonably good job, clear documents and I'm looking for an apartment that would cost me around 3 times my annual income, which I believe is a legitimate norm.

I would also like to know, how should I go about? What kind of documentation needs to be furnished with the application? Whats the processing time? Do they charge more/less interest compare to banks? Any other pointers that I must be aware of while talking to them or buying a house.

Appreciate any valid inputs !!



You have to take contact with the commune (Kommune) to file to receive a loan from Husbanken. You will have to provide information on your loan, work permit and work situation as well as your family situation. The processing can take time as it goes through the commune than the bank and they have many applications these days. They charge less interest than the market, I don't think you can get less interests than them. What is important is that they will not decide on the loan only on your financial situation but also on what is their understanding of your need. For example if you are single and wnat to buy a three room appartment, you will be denied your request even if your financial situation would allow you to pay back the price for such an appartment. you would have to buy a one room appartment since you are single.

Hope this helps

I know they do give away money to norwegians if they strugle to pay their rent.

They will probably want to see your paychecks for the last months to see the you have a stable income.