Pls help me to fill these blanks

please help me to fill these blanks on for registration .

Exam / Test in Norwegian, date:(_________________________)     (Not to be completed by Nordic applicants)

Exam / Test in Norwegian, location:(________________________)     (Not to be completed by Nordic applicants)

Right now i'm not having any nowegian language test

can you speak Norwegian already? That site says on the English page, "The NUCAS admission system is primarily for Norwegian citizens and others with a permanent or renewable residence permit. In order to be eligible for admission, applicants must document their proficiency in Norwegian."

I'm assuming you're Pakistani from your location, and in the requirements for Pakistani applicants, it says:

Dokumenterte kunnskaper i norsk og engelsk
For å søke om studieplass må du dokumentere en godkjent test i norsk og godkjent test i engelsk

which basically means, you have to have confirmed test in Norwegian and in English.