Payment methods in Norway

Hello everyone,

Once you're settled in Norway, you will need to make some basic purchases, like groceries or pay bills. Hence, it is essential to know the payment methods available in your host country.

Which are the most common payment methods in Norway? Why would you prefer some forms over others?

Does the amount of money or the type of paid services (groceries, bills, rent, etc.) determine the choice of payment methods?

Are there any apps at your disposal which make the payment process easier in Norway?

Can certain foreign currencies be used to make payments?

Have your habits in terms of payment methods changed since moving to Norway?

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well, most of my purchases are paid via card.  I do keep some cash like notes and coins in my purse because:
- the lockers in swimming pool needs 10kr coin as deposit
- some shopping trolleys require 10kr coin as deposit
- wine lottery in work places is generally paid in cash  (Wine lottery is like a weekly thing!)

As for reimbursement among friends and colleagues, we generally use "vipps" app.  So it allows us to transfer money to our friends and colleagues quickly via a payment account or credit cards via smart phone.

In Norway, you can try to cash out money from grocery stores but I believe they charge an admin fee for it.  So, if I am going to pay for groceries that cost 150kr, I just tell the cashier I need to cash out 200kr.  Then the payment is 350kr and I receive cash from the cashier.

Up till  now, if I need to make online purchases in foreign currencies, I use paypal if available, otherwise credit card.    There is no reason for it, other than convenience.  My paypal account is linked to my norwegian credit card.

Public transport tickets are bought via ruter app which has payment method linked to credit card or vipps. This is a really cool way to pay fares.

But if I wish to transfer NOK to overseas bank account, I use transferwise (online).  It is too expensive to transfer NOK out to foreign bank accounts with my banks.  It is also very slow and tedious.

Hello. Im Norwegian. And i almost only use my card or vipps like fornight is saying. If I need cash for some reason I withdraw at the store while shopping. They actually don't charge a fee for that. But you have to buy something. Some people actually just buy a pack of chewing gum just to withdraw cash.

Usually when we return plastic bottles (pant) we use it to pay for groceries or donate the money using the donate button.

Often when I have cash it's because someone have me or my child for birthday. 😅