Debit and Credit Cards with chips??

That's my question.
My cards are the typical magnetic cards without the chip. Should I replace them for a new ones with chip?  I've hear that in some countries of Europe the old cards are working fine, while in others like France it's hardly impossible to find an ATM for chip-less cards. How is the situation in Norway? How about Sweden?

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I know this might be a bit late but for what its worth...

I've been in  Norway for 3 months now and have been surviving with a chip-less direct debit (VISA) card. They work at most terminals but every now and then i run into one that wont accept my card. Im dreading filling the car up and then discovering that i cant pay one day!

It can be a pain in the a$$ but opening a local account (which i will do shortly) will solve the problem if its an option for you.



Norway & most Nordic countries are doing away with chipless cards and predominantly accepting only chip cards (I'm telling onlt about DEBIT CARDS). In technical terms these chipcards can also be referred to as EMV cards.

This they are doing it because it is a more secure and safe mechanism of banking. So when one moves from a foreign country into Norway, if you have the option to carry a chip card; it would be advisable to do that.


Shops that accept credit card will take those with or without chips. However, some shops, such as the Nærvesen which sell tobacco, bus tickets, newspapers ... will only accept Norwegian issued "bankkort", which are local direct debit cards.