Opening a bank account in Norway

Hi all,

is it difficult for expats to open a bank account in Norway ?

Which documents are required to open a bank account in Norway ?

How long does it take to open it ?

Is there any restriction for expats regarding the services (loans for instance)  ?

Which bank would you recommend ?

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From my personal experience I can tell that as long as you have a valid permit to live in Norway (work/residences/any other) opening a bank account is pretty easy. All you need is a letter from Skatt/NAV in which your Social ID number & name is published (IS A MUST) and then your Passport. In some of the private banks the account is opened in 15-20 minutes flat and is also operational the very same moment. Off course the debit card & internet banking credentials take couple of weeks to be facilitated.

Recommendations - If you have a need to withdraw money at ATM's frequently I would certainly recommend DnBNOR or Nordea. If not, then you have many options to choose (Fokus, Cultura (Social banking), Sparebank, etc). But I know from experience DnB has a wonderful Net Banking portal and above all every little stuff is published both in Norsk & English.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for these tips vingori!:top:


I lived for 6 months in Tromsø in 2011, now I came back to Italy, but I will be back in Norway next year.
In the meantime I want to open a bank account (I didn't need it during my first stay), before I move back to Tromsø. Does anyone know if foreigners non-residents in Norway can do it? (I would assume not, but you never know...).
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Hi  need help!  Got my D Number sll good ! Now witch bank is easier?  No more teller all by internet Outch!
Please Help need it soon!!!!!!🇨🇦👧🏽