Do I need a Norwegian bank account to pay electricity bills?

This is probably a silly question bit basically what the title says.

I'm moving from the UK to Norway to undertake a 3 year PhD in Stavanger. I have a lease on a property signed for the 1st of May and I have my Norwegian authorities appointment on the 20th of April.

Its not likely I will be able to open a Norwegian bank account before that date. The landlord is however aware of this and there is a clause in the contract regarding the deposit payment which is to be made as soon as the bank account opens, so this is a non-issue.

My issue is: will I be able to pay my first (and possibly second) months with my UK bank account by fulfilling an online invoice? Then, when my Norwegian bank account becomes available simply just switch my paying account?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Yes you just need to set up international money transfer. It takes a bit longer to go through though