looking for someone to share a two bedroom bungalow in Flic en Flac. The house has two toilets and aircon in both rooms, pool and close to all amenities.

Please post your offer in the housing section top of this page. Better coverage there.

I'm interested. 
But you will want to know I am male and 62.  Coming to Mauritius in March, and looking to emigrate on a retirement visa. 
I don't think you will want someone like me to be your housemate long term.  But I can cook, I take very good care of where I live, and I am polite and respectful.  So maybe for a month or two I could be a good person, until you find the perfect housemate.  Yes I can pay in advance. 
If you are interested let me know.  Of course I understand you must be suspicious, so I do not mind if you say thank you, but no!  It is very difficult to trust people you do not know.  I understand.

Kind regards

Im interested im a female and a student i work and study let me know if you are still searching for housemate.

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