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I have taken my retirement and would like to relocate to Singapore with my Family. I have a Btech in Telecomms and an MBA. i was working at the senior management, leading various teams. I am seeking assistance  from someone who can  help me connect with any existing appropriate vacancy.

Thanking you all for your kind consideration and support.

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Hi Navin,

Hope you are doing well!

Contacting the professionals recommended in the Recruitment Agencies in Singapore section of the business directory might be an option. You can get some leads from them (hopefully).

Also feel free to drop an advert in the Jobs in Singapore section.

Have you searched on jobs specialised websites ?

All the best,

I am afraid you must do your own research and make your own connections towards your goal, as there isn't anyone offering such assistance.
But this forum has lots of advice and discussions on how to achieve this, so you are welcome to read (and possibly follow) as much of it as possible.

Since you said you're retired: It is very difficult for someone above 55 years of age to get a work (or other long-term) visa for Singapore. To get one, you need specialized skills that are not available locally - and find a job that needs them!

Thanks for responding and your advice. i appreciate.



Hey thanks for edea and I want ask if I can replied about job and I have a diploma of management society and I live in morocco
And thank you

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