ARABIC SWEETS CHEF Looking for a job

Hello dears ,

I’m currently looking for a new job as  ( Arabic sweets chef - Baklava chef ) , where I can use and apply my hands on experience throw out the years of 20 years in this  field.

Please let me know if you or someone you know may have the vacancy that I would be a good fit for. I’m available to start immediately and can relocate to anywhere. I’m currently working in Egypt with an Egyptian passport.

Please direct message me for any available jobs .

Thank you all in advance for your help and hopefully I hear from some of you soon.


Welcome to :)

I would first of all invite you to post a free job advert in the jobs in Singapore section, it might help you.
I also invite you to go through the singapore expat guide, it might help you.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

I don't think there is a scope for an Arabic Sweets Chef in Singapore.
The only places I can think of would possibly be Malay Kueh makers, but their sweets are substantially different from Arabic ones.

Why not contact the top end hotels for possible work?

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