Hello, am in Kenya and my  fiancee  is in Germany, i want to get married in German and i have a child age 6.
What do i need to go with my child in Germany.I want to apply for marriage visa
Please advice!

To enter Germany for the purpose of marrying (and then staying there), you need a marriage visa. Check with the German embassy on how to apply and what the required documents are.
I don't think you can take your child along - marriage visa are not meant to cover dependents. But after being married, you can apply for a family reunion visa for your child to join you.
Please note that your husband does NOT become the child's father in a legal sense - you and the biological father will still have joint custody (which will be very complicated if he is not in Germany!), unless you manage to get sole custody before leaving your country.

In my case I have the sole custody of my child.

Fridah kathambi wrote:

In my case I have the sole custody of my child.

This is good but make sure you have the legal documentation to prove it!

You will need a lot of documentation anyway for the whole process; and likely it will all have to be translated by a certified translator.

You will see from other posts regarding marriage that Denmark is a better chosen country to marry.

Hi Friday kathambi,
Did you apply for your visa and got it? How long did you wait for the entire process?

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