Valid IPA, but deported by immigration


I had a valid IPA but my entry was denied into Singapore. In the immigration counters, They questioned me ' what is your name?' I replied ' Tarun Kumar' . They checked again and questioned ' Are you Tarun Kumar cadona?' I didn't catch the name properly. They asked me whether I have studied or visited Singapore already. I replied ' No'. Then, I was asked to sit in a room. Close to 50 mins later , officer started interviewing me . She asked ' who gave you the IPA Letter?, How much SG currency you have, How much Indian currency you have, what is education?, What is the salary and what role you are going to do in SG? For all these questions, I have answered. I have never heard from my friends that this interview happened for them. Then, they took me into the 2nd screening room for my biometrics. Again I was put in the same room. I waited for 45 mins this time. An officer came to the room and showed a passport copy of another person having my same name 'Tarun Kumar' and asked do you know this person? I replied No. Then the officer said ' you are denied entry into SG, you should catch the next flight and leave'. I asked the reason. They said they are not suppose to provide it. They said there is something wrong with IPA and your company needs to get it corrected. They refused to provide details on what is wrong in IPA.
My IPA is approved by ministry and I travelled within the timelines to SG. I don't know what is the real reason to get deported. They mentioned me to file an appeal and re-enter SG. A strong case is already given to the ministry by my company.  Will I get a positive response or should i move on?

As it was your first time to visit SG (as per your earlier message), there could be possible reason of denial that with similar name to your might have a criminal case and offence against him. Officer might have mistaken as looking at your answer (you have mentioned in the message) was more into scared the situation.

You should write a letter to ICA and request for their advise if you can able to visit Singapore. Good luck

Immigrations had mentioned that only the company should raise an appeal. Even the company said it will take it forward and I do not have to do anything. But,  am not sure why they had said there is some mistake in the IPA letter. When I asked what is the mistake? They replied ' The company will know'. However when I sought company's answer, they said there is no issue with the IPA letter as it is after all issued by the ministry. I just can't figure out what is the reason.

Ask your employer to reach out ICA to find out what could be possible reason so that you can rectify. Good luck

From your description it seems like there was a mix-up with another person of your name. Your company should try to clear that up by providing clearer details of your identity, e.g. your date and place of birth, etc.

Hy bro,
Even I had  similar issue .. Nt exactly this one ..
But actually wat I can understand is please compare ur name on passport and in IPA or name u wrote in that immigration form if u remember Wat u wrote .. sometimes  wen u go through agency they do such mistakes too .. even we while filling form

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