Guide for Salary negotiation and allowances negotiation

my husband is getting a job offer in gulf spic through a third person husband is a i.t network engineer having 7yrs of experience but they are offering only 900kwd and dint mention anything about other allowences so is it wise to accept the job offer???my daughter is studying lkg now if next year me,my husband and daughter moves to kuwait means can we able to live peacefully without any financial  stress???there is again another and finall call with the employer on friday what are all the negotiations we can make and how much salary negotiable???what are all the allowences we can ask for like schooling travel etc....

important point :
salary > 700 Kd per month
accomodation  > 250 ( choose your own flat)
special allowance to come to Kuwait > 450 ( for deposit accomodation and buy some furnitures) once
airplane ticket all family 2 way 1 or 2 per year
transport > 120 Kd per month.

Job is there

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