WHP quota filled. What to do next?

I am an Italian citizen currently studying in the US as an undergraduate student on a student visa. I just received an offer from a Singapore company to do an internship with them this summer from June 17 to September 14. However, the quota of the Work Holiday Pass (WHP) has already been met. Nevertheless, I submitted my application on April 19, 2019, but I have a few questions that I hope the community can answer for me.

1) Reading around, it seems like that applying to the WHP after the quota is filled will just place you on the waitlist. If this is true, what are my chances of getting off the waitlist and receive the WHP before June 17?

2) I personally called the Ministry of Manpower, and the representative told me that there is no such thing as a waitlist for WHP. If the quota is filled, then the application will be rejected, he said. Is this true? Or does he say this just because he doesn't want to publicly advertise the existence of a waitlist?

3) During the same call to the Ministry of Manpower, I asked them how I can know whether there are spots available for WHP.  He told me that if there is a spot available, then the yellow banner at the top of this page https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permi … -programme will go away. Is this true? How frequently is this page updated?

4) Is there anything else I can do that you think will increase my chances  even minimally  of getting the WHP? I am willing to do anything.

5) Are there any other workarounds for me to work in Singapore? By workarounds, I mean anything, things that are legal and things that are borderline illegal. Trust me, it is not my intention to break the law, but I just want to know what possible options are available to me. This internship is very important to me.

If I remember correctly, there is a quota system for WHP pass, which means if it exceeds the numbers (2000 passes at one time) then it turns yellow at their end. But, I’m not sure if they update regularly or not.

Secondly, yes there is no waiting list system at MoM, not only for WHP but also for EP or S pass.

You need to check frequently or call them at least once in a month to know if their quota system opened up for new application.

It’s very difficult for a fresher to get a job in Singapore as local Govt has placed rules in place where employers have to give priority for the locals and will give valid rationale to hire a foreigner. Good luck

There is no reason at all to mistrust the Singapore authorities - everything they told you is certainly and entirely true.
And there is also no imaginable reason to do anything illegal (borderline or not). In Singapore, follow the rules to the dot!
This means youwill not get a WHV. But that is anyway not the correct visa for your situation: You should get a Training Employment Pass (TEP) or Training Work Permit (TWP) instead!

Do you think I am eligible for a Training Work Permit? It has the requirement of : "Foreign students studying in educational institutions in Singapore. The training must be part of their course requirements". But I dont study in an institution in Singapore.

My understanding was that it is for foreign students coming for training in Singapore, but I might be wrong here. Ask MoM!

From my experience, even if the quota is filled i suggest you apply anyway. I applied about 10 days after they said the quota is filled and was still able to get an approval a month later. It really depends on the vacancies for the programme.

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