Business VISA when EP is in process

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My EP is applied and the status is pending for past 2 weeks . My prospective company is going to apply for business visa as my presence in sgp is very much important and they cant wait till my EP gets approved .

So my concern is , can we apply for business visa while the EP is in process ?


You've posted this in two country forums - Which one is valid?

Singapore forum is valid.

You can apply for a business visa while waiting for an EP application to be pricessed, as far as I know.
But how does that help you or the employer? You can (and should under all circumstances) not work for the employer while on the business visa. The consequences when caught (and they will check you - they know this is not a coincidence!) are rejected EP and a ban from working in Singapore for at least a few years. Don‘t!
While the borderline between working for and doing business with the company seem vague, believe me: If caught, they will interpret that vagueness in your disfavour!
The proper way is for the employer to contact MoM, explain the urgency and ask for an expedited process or a temporary EP while the final one is still processing. You should not accept anything else!

Thank you beppi for the detailed explanation.
Based on your suggestion I refused to travel on a business visa and decided to go only on EP when approved .

My EP was applied on 10/04/2019 and it is still showing pending .my company has again called me today saying that there’s no issue in business visa and they are a global employer and they will mention in the invitation letter that you are here to attend business meeting and internal workshop .
It’s going to 1 month next week and I need to join ASAP as I am into software development and project is on company has said there is no point in approaching MOM to expediate the process or request for temp EP as it’s not possible .

If EP is still under pending next week, I think I will have to come on a business visa as I don’t want to miss this opportunity.Lets hope for the EP to come soon or else I will have to take this risk.


You decide what risks you take!
You are allowed to attend meetings and conduct business, but not work - i.e. you should not have or sit on a regular desk and/or write a single line of code. You should also refuse to get paid a salary by your employer for this (which would clearly indicate employment and is visible to the authorities).
You could possibly contact MoM yourself, ask for (and then follow to the dot) advise on how to handle the situation.
Illegal work is not a small matter in Singapore and can get you banned for years or even forever!

Project is on hold because of someone is yet to join. This is a pathetic excuse by an employer. A project plan starts a year ahead at business level, and prepared FSD and BRD in months advance. Each department allocate resources accordingly. So, don’t tell that a Project is on hold because of a candidate pending to join.

As Beppi said don’t ever try to work under any visa, it’s a crime here, will pay heavy price for doing that, wait for your EP to approve. Good luck

Thanks Surya .My EP finally got approved :-)

Congrats, good to hear. Lots of positive responses from MoM are coming in in recent days. It confirms again and again that if you have niche skills in the market then Singapore welcomes you.

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