Refused Entry + IPA use to singapore immigration

Hi. My case is I went to SG for a visit pass Mar 9 then go to JB Mar 15 then go back to SG Mar 17.
I go to  Kuala lumpur Apr 12 then go back SG Apr 14. But when I come back SG they didnt allow me to enter. They send me back to my home country not telling me the reason why.

They told me that If I want to go back singapore again
Need to email ICA.
Would like to ask because I am waiting for my epass to get approved and get IPA.
Is it okay to use this on the SG immig when I enter singapore again?

It is better to follow the advice and contact ICA before visiting Singapore again.
If they say it's o.k., bring a print-out of the email along when you arrive.

Thank you beppy. But does will affect my pending epass application in MOM?

Read our previous messages in earlier threads related to categories “visa” or “work pass”. Both your queries we have answered few times already. Good luck

Yes, it might. Therefore it‘s important to follow their advice!

Do you think its better to email now the ICA even if I dont have the IPA?

You only need to contact ICA if you want to visit Singapore.

Hi Beppi, so you mean I will send email to ICA if I get my IPA? Thanks.

Only if you want to visit Singapore, regardless of IPA.

Hi I and my family stay in singapore from March 3 to March 26. and we went to Malaysia on March 26  for a day tour only and we were refused to enter Singapore last march 26 via woodlands checkpoint . We stayed in malaysia for 2 days then went to Taiwan and stayed in my sister there for 12 days. We re-enter Singapore on April 10 and after 2 hours of interrogation they stamped our passport for another 30 days but the officer verbally told me to follow the ticket going back to our own country. Hence, we go back Philippines after 3 days of stay in Singaopore since our returned ticket was 3 days duration only.  Is this mean I am already clear in our first refusal of entry via woodlands checkpoint? because they already allow me to enter Singapore again via Changi Airport. Currently I receive job offer from a company would it be possible that Mom will reject the application for my work pass?

You are probably fine if you do not try to enter again before your work pass is approved.

Is this mean I am cleared so no need to tick the question " if I have been refused / prohibited to enter singapore". I am worried because one of my friend whose work duties is hr and doing the mom applications of employees in our previous company, she told me that I should not declare it on the spass application form.

If you have been denied entry before, you better answer „Yes“ to the question if you have been denied entry before.

Is not it good to be honest? What’s wrong telling the truth that you were denied in past? Do you think if you say No, then authorities won’t trace the truth?

Each and every applicants data is scanning multiple times during your stay here. If you declare something incorrect, it may give you go ahead but the moment authorities will find out the truth, it will create serious problem including banning multiple years and cancelling work pass.

So, try to be true which may give early difficulties but in future you won’t be facing bigger issues for sure. Good luck

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