How to get a business visa to Mauritius?

Dear Everyone,

Could any freind can indicate me how to get a businees visa to Mauritius?
Due to "passport and immigration website" can not work, we cannot get any offical information on it.

Thanks for your help.

Jeremy Wang

Hi Jeremy,

To get a business visa on arrival, you will need to show some proper documentation indicating you are undergoing the procedures towards an employment or starting a business activity. It can be an offer letter from an employer or other related documents if it's for another activity.

If you don't have right now, then you have to come to Mauritius as a visitor, get the required documents then re-enter the country with them to get your business visa.

With a business visa, you don't have to leave the country till you obtain your Occupation Permit.

The following documents should be submitted on Application for a Visa to enter Mauritius

»    Visa Application Form duly filled and signed by applicant. click here
»    Two recent passport-size photos of the applicant.

»    Photocopy of the data pages of applicant’s passport.

»    A copy of the Residence Permit. (Applicable for applicants not residing in their country of origin). Same to be valid for at least three months after proposed date of departure from Mauritius.

»    In case of business visa, applicant should also submit a letter from local sponsor/company.

Immigration Requirements/Conditions to be fulfilled for considering the grant of visa:

         Applicant should:-

    »      Hold a valid Passport or other recognized travel document, where expiry date is beyond the date of stay.

    »     Hold a valid return or onward passage tickets to his/her country of origin or residence.

    »     Have sufficient funds to meet the cost of stay (a minimum of 100 U.S Dollars per night to stay in Mauritius).

    »     Have a confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius. If sponsored by a Mauritian citizen, latter to submit:-

              (a) A Letter of Sponsorship stating:

                   (i) name, address,

                   (ii) Telephone number,

                   (iii) profession of the sponsor and

                   (iv) relationship with the applicant,

              (b) National Identity Card,

              (c) A Utility Bill.

    »     Be eligible to re-enter their country of origin or residence.

    »     Do not engage in any gainful activities without a valid work permit

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